Flower Ice Cube Recipe

water with flower ice cubes

If there’s two things you should most definitely be doing in the summer it’s 1. wearing sunscreen daily 2. drinking tons & tons of water. While we don’t have any tips on how to glam up your sunscreen we can help you achieve a fabulous glass of water.

flower ice cube recipe
An important tip about the flowers you use within your ice cubes is they must be organic. Not just in that no pesticides but you also want to stay away from other harmful chemicals & things such as manure, yuck! Your best bet for these flowers would either be to order from an online shop that specializes in edible flowers, purchasing them at a local farmers marker where you can speak with the vendor about exactly what they were planted with and find out if they’re safe, or grow them yourself (fun option but would change the prep time for this from about 10 minutes to about 1 month…).

floral ice cubeshomemade flower ice cubes

Flower Ice Cube Recipe
  • water
  • flowers
  1. Place one petal or small flower in the bottom of the tray. Pour in water until flower is just covered. Freeze for 1 hour.
  2. Repeat four times or until tray is roughly ¾ full. Freeze for 4-6 hours or until completely solid.
  3. Pour water or desired drink into glasses & place ice cubes in.
  4. Enjoy!
ice cube tray (this one is great for both size & functionality purposes)
serving glasses

 homemade flower ice cube recipehomemade floral ice cube recipe