Peanut Butter & Anything But Jelly

peanut butter bread bear

You play with your food but are told it isn’t socially acceptable? Well, it is! Find out why:

I love a good ol’ PBJ as much as the next person. Yet what I love even more is playing with my food. Ever since I was a little kid, I haven’t been able to kick the habit which I think is a huge reason I’m doing what I am doing today. After all, isn’t playing with your food the same thing as food styling? Except “food stylist” is just a fancier title for us adults to not feel so immature, right?

american flag peanut butter bread

Adding fruit or swapping out jelly for strawberry cream cheese can take your PB&J to the next level entirely. Plus they aren’t too shabby to look at.

peanut butter & jelly cream cheese bagel

A peanut butter & strawberry cream cheese bagel as seen above, is just one alternative to a standard PB&J. Cater your toppings to a theme or event such as the Memorial Day/4th of July fruit flag on peanut butter bread.

How do you switch up your standard PB&J? Comment below with your ideas!