Best Oreo Recipes

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Oreos

The best part about all of these recipes is they’re super easy to create. Not to mention they’re all the perfect bite size treats to satisfy your sweet tooth but not go too overboard. Continue reading to get the recipes for five of our favorite Oreo treats!

diy oreo pops

1. Oreo Pops
A perfect last minute snack or gift, these chocolate covered Oreo pops are bound to be a hit with everyone.

oreo thin mint ice cream sandwich

2. Oreo Thin Mint Ice Cream Sandwich
One of our favorite recipes to date. Easy, insanely good, & brings back amazing childhood memories. This Oreo treat combines everyone two favorites: Thin Mints & ice cream.

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Oreos

3. Oreo Mickey & Minnie Mouse
For the Disney obsessed because let’s face it, who isn’t?! Using melted white chocolate as “glue” simply combine mini & regular sized Oreos. Decorate Minnie with a pink bow & leave Mickey as is!

oreo ice cream sandwich

4. Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich
Possibly the easiest Oreo recipe to date: open the Oreo, place a spoon full of ice cream & handful of cotton candy in between, close, eat! See, what could be easier & more perfect for a summer dessert.

Krispops Oreo

5. Oreo Krispops

Make sure to order your Krispops which come in a variety of flavors including Cookies & Cream (pictured), Cookie Dough, Mini Burger, Cake Batter, & S’mores. They’re beyond delicious & make the perfect favor or treat to share with others. | orders: