Public Lives: Debi Lilly | Secret Recipes: Margarita & Watermelon Salad

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If there was ever someone who was born to do exactly what they were doing it would be Debi Lilly. Master of all trades event planning, interior design, business woman, & so much more, everything Debi touches truly turns to gold.

watermelon salad recipe

Take for instance DL Loft, an event space that doubles as a hotel, perfect for bridal parties & get togethers. Equipped with a full kitchen, bar, bedroom, bath, & patio, the space is equally as durable as it is stunning. We met up with Debi in DL Loft where she shared two recipes with us, again that instantly turned to gold.

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debi lily margarita recipe

Along with her recipes & Loft space, Debi is a renowned event planner who, not surprisingly, gets praise from celebrity chef Art Smith & Mimi Clark of Bloomingdales. Having partnered with The Oprah Winfrey Show for 15 years as well as a line of products within more than 2,000 Safeway Inc. stores including our local Jewel Osco, Debi has truly mastered it all.

watermelon salad

debi lilly recipe

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goat cheese balsamic mint watermelon salad

watermelon salad goat cheese recipe

Public Lives: Debi Lilly | Secret Recipes: Margarita & Watermelon Salad
Recipe type: Drinks
  • for watermelon salad:
  • 1 small watermelon
  • 1 package goat cheese, crumbled
  • 1 package fresh mint
  • 1 bottle balsamic glaze
  • fresh ground pepper
  • for margaritas:
  • 1 bottle tequila
  • 1 container frozen limeade
  • 1 bottle Corona
  • 1 bottle ginger beer
  • 1 fresh lime
  • 1 ice tray
  1. On cutting board, slice watermelon into sheets. Lay the slices flat & sprinkle crumbled goat cheese on each.
  2. Chop fresh mint very finely & sprinkle over goat cheese. Grind pepper lightly over watermelon. Drizzle balsamic & cut into "pizza" slices.
  3. Pour the limeade mixture into the pitcher. Use the empty container to measure out 1 cup of: tequila, Corona, & ginger beer. Pour all into pitcher & stir. Add ice.
  4. Smack the leftover mint leaves against your wrist (a trick Debi learned in Paris) to release all of the aroma & then add those to the pitcher. Stir it all together & pour into individual glasses. Garnish with a lime slice & enjoy!
cutting board
chopping knife
limeade bottle (you'll use this to measure the ingredients!)
serving glasses
serving plates
mixing spoon

 margarita recipe

ginger beer margarita recipe

debi lilly recipe

a perfect event recipe

debi lilly recipes

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