DIY Marbled Mason Jar with Birchbox

DIY Marble Paint Mason Jar

If you’re anything like me when you move into a new home, dorm, or just room in general it starts out perfect–clean, organized, & there’s a place for everything. Yet overtime things start to accumulate & there’s no longer a spot for anything–even the things that before fit in so perfectly! That’s why every 3 months or so I try & go through my room, get rid of anything unnecessary, donate any items I’m not using, & just organize everything in sight.

Birchbox Organizer

One thing that tends to accumulate the most are beauty products (& I don’t hate it). It’s only natural as I’m signed up for an incredible service–Birchbox. Each month Birchbox delivers samples of the latest & greatest products straight to your door (side note: these “samples” last quite a bit as opposed to your typical sample product!). Ever since I signed up for Birchbox I’ve learned tons of new ways to improve beauty & health plus lots of awesome makeup tips! (side note it makes for great gifts–just think how much people would worship you if you were that person continually sending gifts–instant BFF points) So over time as I’ve collected some of the best beauty products on the market I decided instead of throwing them into a huge makeup bag that sits inside a drawer why not put them in a cute display jar. Plus some of these products have the cutest packaging so why hide ’em!

DIY Marble Mason Jar

When I received the October Birchbox I instantly fell in love with not only what was on the inside but the adorable packaging it came in. Did I mention each month they come in unique & fun boxes! The pink marble box inspired me to create something more permanent to display these beauty items in. Follow along below to learn how to create a marbled mason jar & order your Birchbox here. Enjoy! xo

Birchbox DIY Makeup Organizer

Oh & p.s. the best part about all of this? You’re using a product that can be purchased through Birchbox to create this DIY marbled look!

DIY Painted Mason Jar

What You’ll Need:

Birchbox DIY

Birchbox | Paint Brushes | Acrylic Paint | Mason Jar | Baker’s Twine | Flowers (well, you won’t need those but they do make everything just a little bit prettier!)

Additional Supplies:

DIY Marble Paint

1 cup of water | toothpicks | nail polish | 4 inch deep (at least) dish

Birchbox DIY Mason Jar Marble

Step 1:

Paint mason jar desired color. Let dry completely (if using the paint featured above it’ll only take about 1 hour).

Step 2:

Fill dish with water. Drizzle nail polish over water & quickly move toothpick throughout polish in a figure 8 motion all different directions until marbled swirl begins to show. Quickly (I stress that as the nail polish will dry very fast & then you won’t be able to use it) dip the mason jar in the polish & pull out. Let sit for roughly 20 seconds until dry.

Step 3:

By this time, the nail polish left in the dish will have created a film over the water. Remove that & begin again with step 2 until jar is covered. Decorate with twine & fill with Birchbox products.

Mason Jar Marbled

Thank you Birchbox for partnering on this post!

DIY Birchbox Marble


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