DIY Tory Burch ‘Rosette’ Slip-On Sneaker Tutorial

DIY Tory Burch Sneaker Tutorial

I first spotted these sneakers at Nordstrom & was obsessed with their plum color. It was so unique & as I noticed more details on the shoe I fell in love. Then I looked at the price tag of $225, put the shoe down, & walked away. $225 for sneakers? Not even sneakers I can work out in (as if I do…) but still the thought of spending that on a shoe I can wear 3 months a year & that were a trendy style just wasn’t happening for me. That’s when I realized how simple this shoe would be to recreate. All I needed was rosette trim to cover the shoe! I ran (guess I did need sneakers after all!) across the street to Old Navy & picked up a pair of these super cute faux-leather slip on sneakers. If you have a pair at home already that’ll work too otherwise there are plenty of options below all under $35. The trim cost me about $8 from Jo-Ann fabrics (I got 2.5 yards of 1 inch fabric–it was all they had) & I already owned scissors & a hot glue gun (both can be purchased for under $15–shop links below). All in all these shoes cost me roughly $33 (roughly $42 with scissors & hot glue gun). Less than $50 for an adorable sneaker that normally retails for over $200! Woo hoo! The entire DIY took me under 30 minutes as all you’re really doing is glueing the trim to the sneakers.

DIY Tory Burch Rosette Sneaker Tutorial

Once I was done making these shoes they also reminded me of an even more expensive pair of sneakers from Chanel. $1,295 vs. $33…is that even a question?!

DIY Tory Burch Tutorial

I ended up loving the way the shoes looked with some leather showing in the back. I’m always a fan of contrasting textures like this tough leather with the rosette trim softness. If you continue to use the rosette trim around the back of your sneakers (as seen on the Tory Burch version) you will need just one strip of the fabric, depending on how thick your shoes & trim are (trim we used was about 1 inch & shoes were the Old Navy version shown below).

DIY Tory Burch Shoe Tutorial
Left: Tory Burch (image via Nordstrom) | Right: DIY


If fabric goes over shoe edge or elastic nooks once it’s already glued down, feel free to cut it down & shape it more towards the shape of the sneaker.

Not a fan of hot glue guns? No worries, Super Glue will work too! Just make sure they are completely dry before wearing.

You can choose any color or style trim you’d like! Just make sure you have enough to cover the entire shoe.

What You’ll Need:

DIY Tory Burch Rosette Sneaker Tutorial

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DIY Tory Burch Rosette Sneakers

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Tory Burch Rosette Sneakers

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Tory Burch Rosette Sneaker DIY


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