DIY Ombre Utensils

DIY Ombre Utensils

These DIY ombre utensils are perfect for the upcoming holiday season. Whether using them to spruce up your Thanksgiving table or gifting them for the holidays, they will certainly come in handy! All together, this DIY cost me $25. That included three wooden utensils, three bottles of paint, paintbrushes, plates, & tape! You’ll certainly have leftovers of pretty much everything & you can use the plates to serve with your utensils & use the other supplies for fun DIY projects.

DIY Ombre Utensils

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DIY Ombre Utensils

What You’ll Need:

DIY Ombre Utensils

wooden utensils | light, medium, & dark colored paint | paint brushes | paper plates | painters tape

Ombre Utensil DIY

Painted Utensil DIY

Step 1: Wrap painters tape around top of the utensil just before it widens. Press tape down to secure.

Step 2: Pour roughly 2 tbsp of each paint onto a separate paper plate. Beginning with the lightest color, paint the entire handle of each utensil.

Step 3: Let paint dry completely (roughly 1 hour). Remove tape.

Step 4: Place a new piece of tape 1/3 of the way down on the handle. Press tape down to secure. Begin painting with the medium coat of paint.

Step 5: Repeat steps 2-4 again for the darkest shade. Enjoy!

DIY Ombre Utensils

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side note: do not place handles that have paint on them in any part of a cooking process.

DIY Ombre Utensils


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