DIY New Year’s Eve Celebrations

DIY New Years Eve Decorations

Can you believe it’s almost 2016? With this gorgeous (& slightly insane) weather we’ve been having lately it feels as though it isn’t even October! Yet with 2016 being only a few days away I wanted to share some super fun & simple DIY crafts to make your celebrations sparkle! Enjoy & Happy New Year! xo

DIY NYE Photo Booth Props

1. DIY Photo Booth Props

Because who doesn’t love a fun Photo Booth?!

What You’ll Need: Colorful Cardboard (or any thick) Paper | Scissors (I mean, are these not the most festive ones you’ve ever seen!) | Wooden Skewers | Super Glue | Glitter

Step 1: Trace (if necessary–I traced mine off of Google Images by searching “Heart Sunglasses Cartoon” etc.) your props onto one sheet of regular sized paper each. Cut out each shape.

Step 2: Using just a teeny bit of glue, attach the skewer to the right back hand side of your props. Let dry completely (I let mine sit 1 hour just to be certain). For the champagne glass put glue on desired area, sprinkle with glitter. Have fun!

Champagne Cupcake Recipe NYE

2. Champagne Cupcakes

In charge of bringing dessert? We’ve got you covered! What better way to ring in the new year than with champagne cupcakes?! Get the full recipe: here.

DIY NYE Champagne Glasses

3. Mason Jar Midnight Drinks

Perfect as a themed cup for your NYE celebrations or as a giveaways filled with kisses for your NYE party, these decorated mason jars are, as promised, super easy & affordable!

DIY NYE Goodybag Gift

What You’ll Need: Mason Jars | White, Gold, & Black Paint | Paint Brushes | Champagne (always.) &/OR Hershey Kisses | Straws (optional but totally necessary) | Glue | Glitter

Step 1: Paint top lid of jars white. Let dry completely. Paint on numbers to mimic a clock in black paint. Let dry completely. Paint hands of clock with gold paint. Let dry completely. Paint the side piece that secures the lid with glue. Roll in glitter. You guessed it, let dry completely.

Step 2: Fill jars with either champagne or Hershey Kisses (so everyone gets a kiss at midnight!). Serve & enjoy!

DIY NYE Champagne Jars