Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide: For Him, The Student, & The HostHoliday Gift Guide: For The Student

  1. sweater: cozy, cute, & perfect to throw on with a pair of leggings for early classes to make them look polished when let’s be real, they’re a bit hungover & could care less about Western Civ.
  2. sneakers: they come in a wide variety of colors & are perfect for tailgates!
  3. pillow: makes their dorm look adorable & keeps ’em cozy while binge watching The O.C.
  4. backpack: supportive, durable, & most importantly adorable
  5. notebook: for all those notes (or doodles) they take
  6. scarf: the perfect finishing touch to make them look pulled together day or night!
  7. lipgloss: an essential for anyone honestly
  8. sunglasses: even though it may be winter these cuties hide their sleepy eyes & are perfect for those beautiful bright, snowy days

Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

  1. watch: for the professional or tech guy in your life
  2. pen: perfect for guy who is just beginning a new career
  3. hat: this classic yet fashion forward staple is a must
  4. shirt: the perfect transitional piece to help your guy look great day & night
  5. sneakers: for the athlete who also happens to be fashion conscious
  6. sweater: it is winter after all…
  7. record player: for the music lover
  8. socks: under $20 making them the perfect stocking stuffer

Holiday Gift Guide: For The Host

  1. platter: if your host/hostess is one who loves to entertain then this is a must
  2. candle: a cozy, woodsy candle is the perfect winter gift
  3. napkins: for the shabby chic lover
  4. champagne flutes: the perfect holiday gift that transitions seamlessly for their NYE party
  5. candle: smells delicious & would be perfect with the matching silverware below!
  6. cake stand: for the baker
  7. silverware: transition rose gold into their kitchenware
  8. plate: under $15 & would look perfect with a treat you baked just for the host

Shop The Main Image: candle (obsessed with this scent) | pitcher (only $12!) | scarf | poncho | slippers (perfect for everyone!) | mortars & pestle


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    Love the gift guide for the student 🙂 I would love to have the sweater. Fun fact I used to have a very similar one when I was little and I loved it.. This sweater brings back good memories 🙂
    Also I love the backpack and the sunglasses <3
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