Limited Edition Holiday Krispops

Peppermint Hot Chocolate Krispops

You have a million & one people to send holiday gifts to. The line at the post office is wrapped around the corner. It’s too cold outside to even think about leaving to go shopping. Plus you have NO idea what to get half the people on your list. Luckily, we have the easiest alternative for you. Order your limited edition holiday Krispops which are only available for the month of December! This months flavor: Peppermint Hot Chocolate–YUM. Send them as gifts to your friends & family, order a batch for yourself, or order them for your holiday party! Plus we handle all the shipping & shopping for you so all you have to do is add to cart, checkout, & just like that all your holiday shopping is done with! This unique & delicious gift is one everyone can enjoy together & what better gift is that! Order your Krispops HERE!