Public Lives: Dylan Lauren of Dylan’s Candy Bar | Secret Recipes: Gingerbread House

Dylan's Candy Bar Dylan Lauren Interview

While my job is extremely fun & fulfilling, it’s not every day I get to sit down with my idol to discuss all things candy, entrepreneurship, holidays, & so much more. Recenlty I got the chance to interview Dylan Lauren & was blown away by her charm, friendliness, & all she has to offer. Dylan, founder of Dylan’s Candy Bar & daughter of Ralph Lauren, shared with us some tips on decorating gingerbread houses for the holidays. Although she doesn’t cook or bake too often (if she does bake she just ends up eating it all–we hear ya!), Dylan was a pro when it came to decorating. She later shared that her brother hosts an annual gingerbread house making contest which can get pretty competitive so it all made sense!

Dylan's Candy Bar Chicago Dylan Lauren Interview

When it comes to decorating gingerbread houses, Dylan said the first step is to taste test all the candy! A task to which we gladly obliged. Dylan loves decorating the houses with the bigger candy on the roof & smaller candy details around the sides & front. Her favorite candy is marshmallow fluff which also works as a great alternative to frosting for decorations. Aside from fluff, Dylan is a huge fan of gummies yet she isn’t too into caramels.

Dylan's Candy Bar Chicago Dylan Lauren Interview

Dylan has a lot in store for the future of Dylan’s Candy Bar. With new locations popping up in airports & a collaboration with lingerie brand Hanky Panky launching in the spring, Dylan sure keeps busy. So as a mom, wife, business owner, & so much more, it’s only natural that it can sometimes be tough for Dylan to find balance in her life. She turns to list making for all things work related & a healthy diet along with working out when it comes to balancing out the candy. I know what you’re thinking–the woman who built herself a candy empire has a healthy lifestyle?? Well Dylan told us, “I eat a lot of candy, I’m not going to lie but I’m also really into working out. I have a trainer & I also do my own aerobics probably 5 times a week so everything in moderation.” One of her favorite healthy dishes while in Chicago is the salmon from Bandera on Michigan Ave. (just a block or two away from Dylan’s Candy Bar on Michigan Ave. which makes for the perfect sweet treat afterwards). They also have locations in California & Arizona. She also loves her dad’s restaurant, RL, which is located at Chicago & Michigan.

Dylan's Candy Bar Chicago Dylan Lauren Interview

Check out the rest of our fun Q&A with Dylan & comment below your favorite candy from Dylan’s Candy Bar!

Favorite Gift You’ve Ever Received: “Paul [Dylan’s husband] made me a cute gift. I like gift certificates so he did a giant card with a bunch of gift certificates glued to it they were in envelopes…for the movies, hair salon, gym, that sort of stuff.”

Thoughts on Black Licorice: “It’s ok, I have my moments with it.”

Plans For The Holidays: “A spa trip which I’m excited about because it’s nice to take a step back & replenish.”

Favorite Websites: Etsy or Pinterest

Favorite Food: “Sticky Japanese Rice, it’s my favorite. In college I had a rice cooker & I bought sushi grade rice & just made it everyday. I love the texture. Now with the twins I do baby food pureed & it’s really good…I love that texture.”

Dylan's Candy Bar Chicago Dylan Lauren Interview

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*Photography: @GabrielleDPhoto | Gabrielle Daylor


    • Caitlin says

      It was such a wonderful time with Dylan & decorating the house!! You should defiantly check out the store if you haven’t already! xo

    • Caitlin says

      It was truly wonderful sitting down with Dylan!! You should definitely make one with the kit from her store! xo

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    This is so cute!!! What a fun experience it must have been! And I love the “gift card” present from Dylan’s husband! What a fun and thoughtful way to give a gift card 🙂
    Merry Christmas!
    522 Envy