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There’s absolutely no time of year I’ll pass on a pizza. From when it’s too cold to even think about going outside to a party by the pool, pizza always seems fitting. Not to mention, I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t like the stuff. Bake 425, a new Chicago company, is changing the way we eat pizza & trust me it’s for the better.

Bake 425

For starters, Bake 425 makes all their crusts & sauces in house. All other ingredients are locally sourced & majority of the ingredients are organic. When I read their motto, “Local First, And Organic When It Makes Sense” I laughed to myself as I had just got off the phone with my mom who was telling me that not all fruits & vegetables need to be organic. For instance, if it has a thick skin such as an orange, don’t stress if it’s not organic. On the other hand, spinach is one of those ingredients you definitely want to make sure is organic. Alright, back to the pizza! Aside from their health conscious approach, the pizza is fricken’ delicious! I ordered the Earth Lover pizza which is topped with béchamel (white sauce), shredded mozzarella, portabella, cremini, truffle oil (my favorite!), Yukon potatoes, fresh basil, & parmesan. I mean could that sound any better? I was blown away by the taste of the pizza. The mushrooms & potatoes added a wonderful texture to the pizza while letting the cheeses & sauces work their magic in the flavor department. Don’t see something on the menu that catches your eye? I find that hard to believe… but you are given the option to build your own pizza if you’d like! Perfect for picky kids or anyone with allergies.

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Next up was the Pear & Blue Cheese Salad. I’ve always been a huge fan of having salad with my pizza. Maybe internally it tells me it’s ok for just gobbling down the entire thing but regardless this salad was a hit. The fresh flavors of cheese, pears, & mixed greens all topped with caramelized walnuts was wonderful. My favorite part of the salad experience was they gave you two things of dressing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ll order a salad via delivery & I get a huge salad with just one teensy thing of dressing. This made me very, very happy with Bake 425!

Bake 425 Chicago

Finally, all orders are delivered with a chocolate chip cookie. How great is that? Just pop it in the oven while you’re enjoying your pizza & as soon as you’re done you’ll have a fresh baked, warm chocolate chip cookie waiting for you. If that’s not the cherry on top of an already incredible meal, I’m not sure what is!

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Aside from the ingredients being good for you & the flavors outstanding, all of the food is done at your convenience. No more having to wait until everyone arrives to eat a now cold pizza, no more failed attempts at making a pizza from scratch, Bake 425 takes the work out of everything by providing you with simple step by step easy instructions & a delicious meal that surely satisfies.

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