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Best Chocolate Desserts Chicago

One of my favorite things about Chicago is that there’s no shortage of incredible food. Most every street bears at least 2-3 restaurants & since us Chicagoans are such foodies, only the best ones survive. Earlier, in 2015, Carnivale celebrated 10 years of incredible cuisine, so you know this place is good. If that wasn’t enough, I scoured out their dessert menu to prove just how divine this place truly is.

Tres Leche Chicago Dessert

First up was the Espresso Tres Leche–espresso fondant & Klug Farms cherry compote all on a mascarpone cake. Does this, or any of the others, really even need an explanation? I mean just look at all of that goodness happening in the picture. I’ll go ahead & letcha in on all the details anyways… The cake was perfectly moist & the flavor was subtle. Perfect, since it was paired with two flavorful ingredients: espresso & cherry. The sweetness of the compote balanced well with the espressos rich flavor & as you’ve guessed, went wonderfully on the mascarpone cake.

Where To Eat Desserts Chicago

Up next was the Chocolate Dome dessert. White & dark chocolate mousse, strawberry sorbet, & fresh fruit–this is one dessert I could eat over & over again. If you follow PLSR on Snapchat (@plsr_food) you probably noticed the plate seriously being licked clean, it was that good. Aside from the taste being delicious, the presentation was spectacular. Served as a thick chocolate dome, a smooth warm chocolate is poured over the dome which then cracks to reveal all the fruity goodness inside. Definitely a must try on the menu.

Where To Eat Chicago Carnivale Review

The next item was the Chocolate Cigar. This is the ONLY time I’ll ever tell someone it’s ok to have a cigar. In fact, not only will I tell you it’s ok, I’ll encourage you to get it. Served with rum ice cream this was such a fun dessert. It made for great conversation at the table & you could tell other tables were extremely intrigued by it. Oh & did I mentioned it’s served in an actual cigar box that smokes when you open it? When was the last time you had a meal where the presentation & taste both were at 100%?

Cotton Candy Chicago Dessert

Last but certainly not leas was my favorite dessert of all: the Cotton Candy. It’s organic, so hey I felt great about eating the whole thing, plus it’s served with homemade caramel corn–a Chicago staple. The flavor of the cotton candy was outstanding. Typically all cotton candy tastes the same & can be a bit bland but not this one, it was filled with sweet delicious flavors. Not to mention it’s large enough to split amongst at least 4 people. That is, unless you’re like me & hog it all for yourself!

Chocolate Cigar Dessert Chicago

The atmosphere, food, & service were all top-notch in my book. The space itself is large enough to accommodate multiple parties (I’m talking 2500 sq. ft.) yet is perfect for an intimate meal as well. Make sure to check out Carnivale at 702 W. Fulton St. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Cotton Candy Dessert Carnivale Chicago

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