5 Cheap & Easy Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Alright, well some of these ideas may be a bit cheesy (literally & figuratively) but they’re super quick, cheap, & easy to create or snag making them an ideal last minute Valentine’s Day gift.

Brie Mine Cheese Valentines Day

  1. “Brie Mine?” Let’s start off with the cheesiest gift idea on here–a wheel of cheese! All you need to purchase for this gift is a wheel of Brie Cheese & some food markers (both about $5 each). Write out “Brie Mine?” in desired calligraphy & you’re good to go!Oversized Chunky Knit Scarf
  2. “Wool You Be Mine?” This next one can get a bit pricier depending on the scarf you pick. Set a budget for yourself & then search online using the tools most shop pages have to filter the selection in your price range. Find a scarf, sweater, coat, or anything made of wool & attach a cute card with the phrase “Wool You Be Mine?” on it. Have some time on your hands this week? I actually knitted the scarf seen above myself! Shop some other alternatives here: knitted scarf (also here) | fringe scarf | check scarf (a classic investment)I Like You A Latte Valentines Day
  3. “I Like You A Latte” Give ’em a Starbucks gift card or just brew them some coffee in the morning. Either way, this adorable DIY card is perfect for the holiday!We Fit Together Valentine's Day Card
  4. “We Fit Together Perfectly” I’m obsessed with puzzles & think this is such a fun gift to give. You two could even do the puzzle together that night! These are some of my favorite puzzles: world | Chicago (woot woot!) | landscape | cupcakes (uh, yes please) | personalized (such a cool concept!)
  5. “I’m sMITTEN” This last idea is perfect for those living in cooler climates (aka all of the U.S. right now…) Similar to #3, you can attach a card with the cute phrase “I’m sMITTEN” (highlight the pun within smitten) to the mittens you choose. Shop some of our favorite mittens here: shearling (an investment but so stunning & cozy) | cable knit | chunky knit | fur | faux fur (under $15 & obsessed with the color!)