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The Best & Cutest Candy Store in Chicago Amy's Candy Bar

Every city has one & every store has delicious treats. Candy stores aren’t hard to come by. In fact it seems in a city such as Chicago every corner either has a standard candy shop or a convenience store selling racks & racks of candy. Yet it wasn’t until we entered Amy’s Candy Bar that we truly felt like a kid in a candy store. Greeted by Amy herself, the walls are lined with jars of candy & everything is hand wrapped to perfection. Sure they have some of your standard candies (gummy bears, chocolate covered raisins, etc.) but it’s novelty is what sets it apart.

Amy's Candy Bar OMG Chocolate Bar Chicago

For starters, there are the OMG & YUM bars; homemade candy bars that taste like something out of a Willy Wonka movie. Most famous for their OMG bars (sea salt, caramel, hazelnut praline, chocolate ganache) Amy carefully crafted the recipe after studying at several dessert & chocolate schools. It’s the kind of chocolate that melts as soon as it hits your mouth which pairs perfectly with the praline crunch inside. As someone who isn’t even a huge fan of hazelnut, I’m telling you, you MUST get this bar! More recently, Amy launched the YUM bar (sea salt, caramel, studded with pecans over buttery shortbread) which was my personal favorite. The YUM bar is like a mixture of your favorite candy bar & cookie all in one. When asked if she has plans to expand the line of homemade candy bars, Amy insisted it wouldn’t be until she found the perfect recipe. Something we really appreciate in a world of oversaturated everything.

Amy's Candy Bar Chicago Valentine's Day

In addition to the homemade candy bars, Amy’s Candy Bar also offers a box of select truffles specifically for Valentine’s Day (see above), salted caramel blondies & brownies, candied orange peels dipped in chocolate, raspberry caramels, chocolate dipped marshmallows, & so much more. Keep in mind these are all homemade treats!

Homemade Candy Bar Chicago Amy's Candy Bar

Aside from Amy’s tasty creations, the walls of Amy’s Candy Bar are loaded with delicious candy bags. Nostalgic candies such as Salt Water Taffy, Satellite Wafers, Lemon Drops, & Licorice Allsorts line one wall while international sensations (Smarties & Jelly Babies) line another. Another wall is filled with chocolate covered everything: blueberries, honeycomb (absolutely incredible–definitely a must try!), nuts, caramels, etc. One of my personal favorites was the Pimento Olive Almonds served in an adorable martini case.

Amy's Candy Bar Chicago

Make sure to visit Amy’s Candy Bar at 4704 N Damen Ave. in Chicago (right off the brown line). Did we mention they have Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream inside?!

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Amy's Candy Bar Chicago Valentine's Day


  1. Jan says

    I’ve sampled many of her creations and absolutely love her sea salt caramels! The OMG bar is worth every calorie and I can’t wait to try her YUM bar! Keep up the great work, Amy!