Workout Essentials

Workout Essentials

With the New Year obviously came New Year’s Resolutions. In the past I’ve blown them off after about a week or so (oh like you haven’t either!) but this year was a bit different. The first month I truly stuck to my goal of eating healthier & exercising at least 3x per week. However as the months went on & the days became busier, it got harder to keep up with my resolutions. To bribe myself (yup, it took a bribe) back into this routine I told myself I would buy a new workout outfit & with that purchase it would guilt me into wearing it & working out. I thought this might be some sort of psychological excuse just to shop but it truly worked! I try to do cardio 2x per week (treadmill for 30 minutes) & the other days I love mixing it up between the Tess Christine workout videos (they’re super basic–what I needed & only last about 10 minutes) & quick workouts via my workout Pinterest board. Shop my favorite workout picks below & hopefully it’ll motivate you some more too! xo

Shop This Story: backpack (love this entire collection!) | sports bra | hat | headphones | sweatshirt | socks (less expensive option) | bandana | sneakers (similar) | water bottle | leggings


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