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Business cards are what most would consider a necessary part of growing your brand. They allow you to easily pass along your information to others, keep in touch with perspective clients, & have your brand engrained in someone wallet (& mind). Yet they are just a sheet of paper, one that easily can get lost or caught up in a pile of hundreds of others (guilty). Finding a way for your brand to stand out & appeal to others is essential in this day in age & might seem almost impossible to do so. That is, until you think of the two products always on you: laptop & phone.

CaseApp Custom Laptop iPhone

As an entrepreneur I like to have my brand constantly visible to those I’m hoping will discover PLSR & to those who might just happen upon it somehow. CaseApp, a customizable phone & laptop case company, allows you to do just that. Remember how I said business cards are great but just a sheet of paper? Well by customizing your laptop & phone cases with your brand, product, or whatever it is you may like, CaseApp becomes your reliable 2016 mobile business cards. Think of those sitting in Starbucks catching a glimpse of your brand name on your laptop. They’re bound to become intrigued & google what it is you do. Think of all those times you’re texting away while you should be working. You shouldn’t feel as guilting knowing the phone is up allowing people behind you to notice your product. The list goes on & on, but as a generation who constantly carries these two items around, it’s essential to let them promote your brand as well.

CaseApp Custom iPhone Case

I chose to use custom drawings for my iPhone & laptop case. The Krispop website is clearly listed on the iPhone case, along with an adorable drawing while the laptop case is filled with fun designs & the website name. Of course, you can always upload images of whatever it is you’d like: family, friends, your own drawings, school logo, etc. That’s what makes CaseApp so fun–you’re the designer. Not to mention the prices are ridiculously reasonable (you even get 20% off with this code: PUBLICLIVES20). They also have tons of predesigned cases you can choose from. Some of my favorites are: iPhone marble, iPhone tropics, & iPhone swirl. For laptops, I love these skins: glitter, NYC, ice cream, & shut up.

CaseApp Marble Laptop Skin

CaseApp cases are beyond easy to create & make for incredible gifts. Perfect to swap out some of that candy in the Easter baskets or for Mother’s & Father’s Day which will be here before you know it (yay warm weather!), birthdays, graduations, business launches, & just every day celebrations.

Use code: PUBLICLIVES20 for 20% off your CaseApp purchase!

CaseApp Marble Laptop Skin

*Thank you CaseApp for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.



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