Where To Eat: Rockit Burger Bar

Donut Burger Chicago Restaurant

Rockit Burger Bar takes your typical burger & gives it an unusual tasty twist. Take for instance their breakfast burger with donuts as buns or their mac & cheese burger with, you guessed it, mac & cheese buns. We tried both & more from this burger joint & are ready to give you the low-down on everything you need to order.

Mac And Cheese Burger Chicago Rockit Bar

Let’s start with the mac & cheese burger, aka the reason this place was on our radar. Featured on The Today Show & a favorite of Michelle Williams (yup, that Michelle from Destiny’s Child) we had high expectations for this burger & boy did it surpass our expectations. What started out as a special has now become a staple menu item & it’s not hard to tell why. After this burger we’re not sure we can go back to regular buns. Well, that was until we tried the next burger…

Donut Breakfast Burger

The BFD breakfast burger is filled with a fried egg, applewood smoked bacon, cheddar, & black angus patty all between two glazed donut buns. Let’s just say you’ll never be able to stomach oatmeal for breakfast again.

Banana Cream Milkshake Chicago

Wash all those burgers down with one of Rockit’s incredible milkshakes. Choose from flavors such as Butterfinger, OREO, or our personal favorite the Caramel Banana Milkshake.

Where To Eat: Rockit Burger Bar

While still technically a hybrid, this Buffalo Mac & Cheese tasted like a home-cooked meal you grew up on. The ultimate comfort food, this creamy concoction made with four cheeses & a buttermilk blue cheese, is a flavorful twist on everyones favorite menu item.

Best Cookie Skillet Chicago

We’d say skip dessert & just opt for that milkshake we mentioned earlier but at Rockit both are necessities, especially when that dessert is a warm cookie skillet topped with vanilla ice cream. Not much of an explanation needed for this bad boy, it’s the perfect ending to a ridiculously awesome meal.

Check out Rockit Burger Bar at 3700 N. Clark, Chicago, IL (just steps away from Wrigley Field).

*Food C/O Rockit Burger Bar