DIY Peony Bar Soap

 DIY Peony Soap Tutorial

Mother’s Day is right around the corner & we’ve got the perfect DIY gift that’s both affordable & thoughtful for you to gift. We’re huge fans of homemade gifts as it truly shows the extra effort you put into making that persons day so special. Peony soap is perfect for this time of year as peonies are finally in bloom! While this is a homemade gift it will only take you about 5 minutes to create. You can get 9 bars of soap out of the ingredients listed below that you can either gift to multiple people or create a gift package with all of them for one person. The leftover oil is great to use on your skin before bed as it leaves you smelling great & your skin incredibly soft.

 DIY Pink Peonies Bar Soap

What You’ll Need: peony essential oil (or soap fragrance) | shea butter soap base | peonies, chopped | microwavable small mixing bowl | knife (for mixing) | plastic soap mold

DIY Pink Peonies Bar Soap Tutorial

 Step 1: Place 1/2 lb soap base in microwavable mixing bowl. Melt for 60 seconds followed by a quick stir.

Step 2: Add 2 droppers full of fragrance to the mixture & stir to incorporate fully. Quickly pour soap into molds until completely full. Sprinkle bits of peonies over top of soap.

Step 3: Let soap sit until completely hardened (roughly 1 hour in refrigerator or 6-8 hours room temperature).

Other great homemade soap combinations are: lemon zest oil + rose petals, lavender oil + oatmeal, peppermint oil with a red swirl, & orange oil with orange zest.

DIY Peony Soap