DIY Reworked Band Shirt Tutorial

DIY Embellished Band T Shirt Tutorial

Admittedly we’re not ones to get rid of clothing. After countless seasons of saying “I used to have something just like that” or “I can’t believe people are wearing XYZ again” we’ve realized it’s very true that everything old becomes new again. So while we don’t like to say we hoard clothing, we’ll just say we’ve built quite a wardrobe over the years. Old t-shirts are the one item that seem to accumulate more than anything. From concerts to college visits & so much more in between, it’s safe to say we have possibly too many of them. Instead of letting them sit there & collect dust (oops!) we took it upon ourselves to rework them. A few simple adjustments & what was once a pajama shirt can become the coolest piece in your wardrobe.

DIY Embellished Band T Shirt Tutorial

What You’ll Need: T-Shirt (similar, similar) | Jewel Glue | Beads

DIY Band T Shirt Reworked

Step 1: Place a piece of plastic in between sleeve opening (can be cardboard or paper too). This will prevent the glue from leaking & the sleeve sticking together.

DIY Turquoise Beaded Band Shirt Tutorial

Step 2: Cover back side of beads with glue. Place onto desired spot & press down for 1 minute to secure it’s spot. Let sit for 4-6 hours or until completely dry. Remove plastic.

DIY Embellished Band T Shirt Tutorial