Where To Eat: Snaggletooth

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Snaggletooth is Chicago’s latest restaurant taking the food & Instagram world by storm. Walls lined with plants & bagels, a DIY bagel bar, a cured fish counter, & partnerships with other local companies are just some of the features you’ll notice upon arrival. That & the open kitchen that you can step into to finish your meal yourself.


Snaggletooth Chicago

Chicago is a city made for food lovers. Deep-dish pizza, ketchup-free hot dogs, cheese & caramel popcorn are just a few of Chicago’s staples. Yet one item there is a dearth of in the city: bagels. That’s where Snaggletooth comes in. Not only will they supply you with a wide variety of bagel options, but they even have a “bagel bar” filled with numerous cream cheeses & jams. Kimchi cream cheese & fig jam are just two of the several options you have when creating your bagel. While the staff will toast the bagel for you, you have full reign to do whatever you’d like on top. We recommend scooping a bit of each option onto your plate & enjoying a bite or two of each flavor to get the full experience. If you’re feeling extra adventurous feel free to combine flavors onto one bite such as their raspberry jam with the honey walnut cream cheese. Don’t worry about feeling guilty from this indulgent bagel as all of their cream cheeses are made in house using a greek yogurt base.

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If you’re looking for a more traditional bagel with lox, you’ve come to the right place. Possibly the hottest item on their menu, Snaggletooth serves up the freshest & lightest option around: The O.G. Lox Tartine. Smoky lox, greek yogurt cream cheese, & sharp pickled onions all lie atop this glorious bagel. While most bagels have a food coma effect, this light yet satisfying bagel will leave you feeling great.

Bagel and Lox Chicago

The cured fish tasting is an absolute must when visiting Snaggletooth. We definitely recommend enjoying half of each fish on this plate on their own & then ordering a plain bagel to top the rest with. You’ll get the best of both worlds & a very filling meal. Aside from it being delicious, this dish is stunning. Snaggletooth prides themselves on their fish preparation as they scale, clean, trim, filet, dry-cure, & hand-slice each piece on their own. A process that is evident when tasting this platter.

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Last but certainly not least: dessert. Snaggletooth partners with other local small businesses to bring in fresh pastries & sweets. We opted for the coconut & raspberry macarons but their menu is ever-changing with items such as babka & Gougères funnel cake.

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Make sure to visit Snaggletooth at: 2819 N Southport Ave, Chicago, IL 60657.

*Thank you Snaggletooth for allowing us to feature you!