Where To Eat: Dolce Italian

Dolce Italian Pizza Chicago

If you’re from Chicago or follow any food accounts on Instagram, chances are you’ve seen the pizza pictured above. A signature item on the Dolce Italian menu, we took matters into our own hands to see if it truly tasted as good as it looked. Yet before we dive into that, let’s talk all things Dolce. Situation inside the Godfrey Hotel, Dolce Italian is anything but your typical hotel restaurant. In fact, it’s anything but a typical Italian restaurant as well. More than just one fancy, ‘grammable dish, this restaurant has quite a bit to offer. From it’s unconventional ’60s decor to it’s dog friendly patio, Dolce Italian’s atmosphere & vibe are as unique as their take on classic Italian dining. For starters they offer brunch on Sunday’s that take into the account that some men want a nice brunch spot as well. While most brunch restaurants are catered to a female demographic, Dolce makes sure to target both audiences by including items such as Buffalo Chicken Pizza for their male diners as well. Another factor is their customization for items on the menu. In fact, Dolce is so flexible they’ll let you order any of their pizza in the star shape even though it doesn’t say it on the menu. Pro tip for you readers… 😉 Now onto the much anticipated food:

Dolce Italian Chicago

Since it is summer & we were at an Italian restaurant, the Squid Ink Taglinoi seemed like the fitting choice. After all this dish of homemade pasta (the squid ink is what produces the black coloring!) is made with manila clams, jumbo lump crab, & seasonal vegetables such as zucchini & tomatoes all tossed in a calabrian chili.

Salads Chicago

Next up was the roasted beet salad which while still on the summery theme was a bit more unusual for an Italian restaurant. However we would be absolutely devastated without this dish on the menu as it’s one of our favorite beet salads in the city. The beets, mixed with green beans & strawberries as well as crostinis with ricotta, make for not only a tasty but stunning dish.

Best Italian Food In Chicago

Back on trend with the Italian restaurant (see told ya they have a ton of variety to offer!) we eased into the heavier dishes with their signature Dolce meatballs. Served over creamy polenta, this unique touch adds a world of flavor & texture to a simpler dish.

Dolce Italian Star Pizza

Now onto the pizza we promised! Boy oh boy, where do we begin with this one. Obviously we love how photogenic & creative it is but the flavors? Sheesh they’re incredible! We chose the original star shaped pizza, the Tartufata Stella & it seriously blew our minds. Those peaks of crust you see? Yup, they’re filled with ricotta. We’re eager to get back & try their other varieties ASAP!

Make sure to visit Dolce Italian at 127 W Huron, Chicago, IL.

*Food C/O Dolce Italian.