3 Ways To Serve Beverages At A Party

Flower Ice Cube Champagne

Over Floral Ice Cubes: Perfect for a wedding, shower, or any outdoor event, this classic & simple floral ice cube display will be your go-to for all parties! Simply fill an ice cube tray (this one makes the perfect size) 1/4 of the way full with water, place an edible flower (just in case your guests dig in!) in the water & press down, freeze until solid (roughly 8-12 hours), fill the rest of the ice cube tray with water until full, freeze another 8-12 hours or until solid, serve with a mixture of regular ice to chill a bottle of wine or other beverage. We love how this looks with a pretty bottle of rosé!

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  How To Serve Drinks At A Party

3 Ways To Serve Beverages At A Party

Over Frozen Water Balloons: This second way is super fun & brightens up any gathering. Another method that takes just a few minutes to set up, simply fill water balloons as you normally would. Knot them shut & place in the freezer overnight or until solid. Once they’re frozen, place in a serving container (this one is only $13!) with your beverages. Whether you pick wine for an adult gathering or juice boxes for a kids party, this method is sure to be a hit!

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Frozen Water Balloons To Keep Drinks Cool

Keep Drinks Cool With Lemon Jar

Citrus Lined Vase: Our final idea for a quick & easy way to keep beverages looking & feeling cool at a party is to line a vase (on sale!) or bowl with lemons. You can also create this using oranges, limes, or a combination of all three! Simply slice the fruit hamburger style into thin slices (roughly 1/8 inch thick), discard the ends, line the bottom row of your vase with fruit until it’s completely covered (feel free to cut a piece in half or a quarter to make it fit), once the bottom is lined place ice into the vase until the bottom row is covered with it, repeat on the next few layers until the vase is full. This one takes only minutes to create & requires no prep time! We love how it looks for a summer event or a colorful party, especially when you match the citrus to the drink!

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Lemon Lined Vase Tutorial

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How To Serve Drinks At A Party

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