Public Lives: Jacqueline Rezak | Secret Recipes: Layered Cake Jars

Layer Cake Jar Recipe

When your resume boasts a roster like Jacqueline Rezak’s does, it’s hard to find time to manage anything else, let alone another company. Yet Rezak, a celebrity stylist based out of Los Angeles, also happens to run a clothing & accessory company, Rad & Refined. A company she started right after finishing school at Columbia College, which is still flourishing 5+ years later. Clients include DNCE, The Fat Jewish, Brandi Cyrus, Jess & Stef of How Two Live, & even Baddie Winkle (yes the 88 year old whose Instagram bio reads “Stealing your man since 1928). As for styling, Rezak’s work has appeared in Nylon, Teen Vogue, Lucky, Rolling Stone, & on Bravo!.

Jacqueline Rezak Interview

For someone who is so on top of the latest & greatest in the fashion world, Rezak claims she’s a bit behind on the restaurant scene here in Chicago. “I like Michael’s [Hot Dogs], Sunda…basically anything that was cool when I left here in 2010″ Rezak says with a laugh. As for Los Angeles, her favorites include Sugarfish, Nate ‘n Al, & Urth.

Rad And Refined Interview

When it comes to cooking, Rezak typically sticks to the basics: pasta, pizza, etc. Yet with baking she makes desserts that look straight out of a fairytale, like this Mason Jar Cake she made for us. While it looks like a dessert only a unicorn could create, Rezak’s recipe is surprisingly super simple. Using boxed cake mix & whatever toppings you’d like, you too can enjoy one of these decadent desserts in under an hour! Rezak relies on these Cake Jars for festival food as they’re perfectly portable. Good thing Lollapalooza is just days away!

Rad & Refined Interview

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Public Lives: Jacqueline Rezak | Secret Recipes: Layered Cake Jars
Recipe type: Dessert
  • 1 box cake mix
  • strawberries
  • frosting
  • sprinkles
  • popcorn
  1. Make cake mix according to box directions. Fill the mason jars with batter so they're just over half full.
  2. Fill a large pan with hot water & place the mason jars into the water to prevent jars from cracking in the heat.
  3. Bake jars according to box directions. Check cakes & add 5-15 minutes if not fully cooked (water bath slows baking process).
  4. Once the cakes have baked, remove from water bath & let cool.
  5. Fill jars with frosting, strawberries, popcorn, & sprinkles. Serve & enjoy!
3 16oz. Mason Jars
1 large baking dish
measuring cup
frosting bags

Jacqueline Rezak Rad And Refined Interview

Layer Cake Jars Recipe


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