Where To Eat: Pomp & Circumstance

Chicago Pomp And Circumstance

A strong black building standing on the corner of a charming block of Chicago’s Old Town is sure to stand out. Contrary to it’s bold outside the interior resembles something straight out of the ’60s. Step onto the patio & you’re immediately transformed into a backyard garden. Just as the atmosphere takes you on a wild ride, so does the food at Pomp & Circumstance. While weekend brunch is incredibly popular, we chose to checkout their daily dinner menu & are here to report all the dishes & drinks you must order!

Pomp And Circumstance

First up were the Bacon Dates stuffed with herbed goat cheese & topped with red pepper sauce. Easily one of our favorite appetizers in Chicago, this dish provides a multitude of flavors all that are able to compliment & not overpower one another.

Bacon Wrapped Dates

Next up we dove into the Risotto which while typically a hearty dish, was rather on the light side which we really enjoyed. Garnished with fresh herbs, this is one dish we’re sure to order again & again.

Chicago Pomp & Circumstance

To wash it all down we chose the most adorable drink on the menu: The Shakedown. Served in a 24 oz. brass pineapple this drink is a must order. While it easily can be shared with two or three people we couldn’t help but keep it all to ourself! Besides it being the cutest presentation, the drink was beyond refreshing. From the lime & pineapple juices to the coconut water & grapefruit juice this drink is super hydrating compared to most alcoholic beverages.

Pineapple Drink

Pomp & Circumstance Chicago

Pomp & Circumstance

Pomp And Circumstance Chicago

Make sure to check out Pomp & Circumstance at: 1400 N. Wells St, Chicago, IL.

*Food C/O Pomp & Circumstance