3 Mall Brands That Are Making A Comeback

With the internet presence bigger than ever we’ve entered a world of doing everything from the click of a button. No longer do we leave the house for shopping of any sort: groceries, toiletries, clothing, etc. With online boutiques popping up left & right it seemed we left some of our favorite mall brands behind along with the physical shopping experience. Here we show you three mall brands that are making a comeback in a huge way.

Mall Brands That Are Cool Again Express

We’re totally obsessed with everything Express is doing lately & frankly, we’re kicking ourselves for the short hiatus we took from shopping at Express. Their prices are completely reasonable (we’re talking $60 for a gorgeous blouse you can wear to work or out at night) & the styles are completely on-point.

Shop Express: white t-shirt | jeans | dress (SO stunning & perfect for wedding season!) | leggings | flamingo float (just ordered!) | lace up shirt (also love this sweatshirt version) | cup (only $12!) | sunglasses | lip shirt (under $20!) | ring | lip gloss (love the color!)

Mall Brands Making A Comeback - Abercrombie & Fitch

Our 13 year old selves are telling us “told ya so” for thinking Abercrombie & Fitch is all the rage again. Ever since they ditched that moose, we cannot stop shopping at A&F! They have the absolute best t-shirt dresses which are super cozy & adorable. Plus they’re perfect for layering when the fall rolls around (sadly we have a feeling it’ll be here before we know it; how is it already August?!).

Shop Abercrombie: top | jeans | dress | sneakers | hat | sandals | leggings | shorts | blouse

Mall Brans That Are Cool Again - PacSun

When we think back to PacSun we think skater vibes & surfer dudes. Now-a-days PacSun if filled with tons of wardrobe essentials: swimsuits, dresses, shorts, & heels all with a beachy vibe. From exclusive lines with Kendall + Kylie Jenner to being on the forefront of the Adidas trend, PacSun really knows what’s up when it comes to the latest fashion we’ll all be wearing next season.

 Shop PacSun: romper (so cute & flattering!) | keychain | dress (would be so cute with tights for fall!) | backpack | booties | swimsuitbelt (under $25!) | shorts


  1. Tamara says

    Express is definitely making a comeback thanks to some bloggers! I haven’t shopped there in ages but I’m seeing cute outfits recently from that brand!


    Tamara – LoveofMode.com