DIY Chocolate Covered Wine Bottle

 DIY Chocolate Covered Wine Bottle

Last holiday season we received one of the greatest gifts ever, a chocolate covered wine bottle. For us that was the ideal gift: chocolate & wine in one treat; what could get better? Luckily this gift is super easy to recreate & you can bet we’ll be gifting it for all upcoming occasions. That & some Crispops of course!

DIY Chocolate Wine

What You’ll Need: wine bottle (we love Barefoot!) | parchment paper | baking tray | transparent wrap (we used 30 in. x 25 ft.) | chocolate (we used 1 12oz. bag of mini chocolate chips) | large mixing bowl | knife | sprinkles (or other toppings such as mini chocolate chips, nuts, etc.) | scissors | tape | rubberband | notecard | spoon

DIY Chocolate Covered

Step 1: Line baking tray with parchment paper. Pour chocolate chips into large mixing bowl & set aside. Place wine bottle in the center of a large amount of transparent wrap. Cut wrap until it is large enough to wrap around the entire bottle. Secure the wrap by taping &/or placing a rubberband around the top of the bottle over the wrap.

Step 2: If you want to show the label, cover the area with a postcard. Tape the postcard over the wrapped label.

Step 3: Place chocolate in microwave for 1 minute. Stir & repeat in microwave for 30 second intervals until smooth. Holding the top of the bottle, spoon the chocolate onto the bottle. Avoid the label & very top of the bottle. Cover entirely & then decorate with sprinkles or desired topping. Place on lined baking tray & refrigerate for 10 minutes. Once chocolate has somewhat set (should not be wet but not completely solid either) peel off the label. Don’t worry if you ruin some of the chocolate around it, feel free to use your fingers to push chocolate back into place. Place back in fridge for 12 hours.

Step 4: Wrap chocolate covered wine in additional transparent wrap to gift. To eat chocolate, simply take tape & rubberbands off the top of the bottle. Pull wrap downward until chocolate breaks into bark. Serve & enjoy!

Chocolate Covered Wine Bottle

*Inspired by Bliss in a Bottle.