DIY Floating Pool Flower Letters

DIY Floral Letters

You may remember awhile back we created DIY Flower Letters that can be hung on walls or displayed standing on their own. This time around, we created DIY Flower Letters that float! Yup, these letters are intended to float in a pool & are the perfect decoration for a pool party, outdoor wedding, or any other gathering near a pool. You can spell out whatever you’d like & use any flowers to match a theme of party or just your favorite kind. This DIY in total costs about $40 (some supplies we already had on hand) & takes only about an hour from start to finish. The “O”s were super simple to create as we purchased styrofoam rings here so we didn’t have to worry about cutting those out. As for the “X”s, we simply drew them onto the styrofoam & cut them out with an x-acto knife. Don’t worry about drawing out the perfect letter, since you’re covering the tops with flowers you’ll easily be able to emphasize exactly what letter it is based on your floral placement.

DIY Flower Floating Letters

What You’ll Need: styrofoam | scissors | flowers | hot glue gun | twine | x-acto knife | marker | tape

DIY Flowers Floating

Step 1: draw “X” & “O” or desired letter onto the styrofoam in desired size. Using the x-acto knife, cut out the letters carefully.

DIY Flower Letter

Step 2: Trim the flowers so that you disregard the stems. Carefully glue the flowers to the letters using the hot glue gun.


Step 3: Once the flowers have been glued on, measure how long of twine you want for your letters. Tip: we had ours 10 inches apart from one another & left plenty of excess twine on both ends to ensure it would fit entirely across the pool.

DIY Flower Letters

Step 4: Carefully glue the twine to the back of each letters in desired spot. Let dry completely & then gently place into pool at time of event. Tape the excess twine to either side of the pool on a concrete or solid surface.

DIY Floating Letters

DIY Pool Flowers

DIY Flower Letters

DIY Floating Flowers Pool


  1. Mia says

    Hello, would it be possible for you to make these floating arrangements for someone?

    • Caitlin says

      Hi! Unfortunately we cannot make them for sale but it’s super easy & so fun to do yourself 🙂 xo

    • Caitlin says

      Hi Michelle! We used fake flowers so that we could re-use them. Typically fresh flowers that are cut from their stem & not in water will last a few hours. Hope that helps! xx