Where To Eat: Kitty O’Sheas

Kitty O'Sheas Chicago

There is something to be said about a restaurant whose staff has been with the company for nearly it’s entire run. At Kitty O’Sheas that is the case with quite a few of their employees. From the kitchen to the tables it’s not just the food which feels genuinely authentic. In fact, some of their staff is from Ireland & helped open the Kitty O’Sheas in Chicago. If that’s not enough to sell you on this fun Irish joint, check out all the incredible food we had below. Trust us, you’re going to be very hungry by the end…

Kitty O'Sheas

The Goat Brie at Kitty O’Sheas is one of our go-to appetizers. Toasted sourdough, crispy honey glazed brie, & a fruit compote make this an app everyone will enjoy! The combination of textures perfectly paired with the variety of flavors throughout this dish.

Cheese Curd Salad

We love any unique dish but it’s often a challenge for restaurants to create something unique that still tastes incredible, especially when that means combining a new ingredients into something it normally doesn’t go with. However with The Pub Salad at Kitty O’Sheas this was not the case. They mastered this combination by adding fried cheese curds into a salad filled with cucumbers, pickled cauliflower tomatoes, & more.

Mac And Cheese Fest Winner

If there is absolutely one thing you must order at Kitty O’Sheas it’s their mac & cheese. As the 2014 recipient of the Mac & Cheese Fest Golden Noodle Award & the 2015 1st runner up, it’s no coincidence this is one of our favorite dishes in Chicago. This dish is loaded with gouda, cheddar béchamel, cauliflower, raisins, & topped with puff pastry & miso butterscotch sauce.

Best Chocolate Cake In Chicago

For dessert we couldn’t stay away from the mint chocolate cake. Coated with chocolate ganache & flakes, this decadent dessert was even topped with a gold leaf! This dessert was just as delicious as it was stunning.

Make sure to check out Kitty O’Sheas at 720 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL located inside the Hilton Chicago.

*Food C/O Kitty O’Sheas.