Where To Eat: Mason’s Creamery

Egg Waffle Cone Ice Cream

What do ice cream & ramen have in common? Well, truthfully, not much but for Mason’s Creamery it’s their signature items. Located in Ohio City near downtown Cleveland, Ohio, Mason’s Creamery operates as an ice cream parlor year-round but for those slower winter hours they also serve some of the most delicious ramen in the city. Making every item on the menu themselves, Jesse & Helen, owners of Mason’s Creamery, strive to produce the greatest quality ramen & ice cream as well as a joyful, enjoyable experience. From the egg waffle cones to the churro ice cream sandwich, we’d say this was a job well done, Jesse & Helen!

Churro Ice Cream Sandwich

The first item we tried was the Churro Ice Cream Sandwich filled with Cinnamon Ice Cream. The soft, warm texture of the churro mixed with the potent cinnamon ice cream is an easy pairing but an incredible one at that. A dish that brought us back to our childhood, this is a must order at Mason’s Creamery.

Egg Waffle Ice Cream Cone

Next up was the egg waffle ice cream cone which we paired with the mandarin orange & blackberry vegan  sorbet. Sprinkled with a dash of lemon zest this pairing was incredibly unique. Between the refreshing sorbet & the fluffy puffs of the cone we couldn’t put this dish down. If sorbet isn’t your thing, opt for the lavender & cream ice cream which would go perfectly with the egg waffle.

Cinnamon Churro Ice Cream Sandwich

Known for their unique flavors, Mason’s Creamery likes to get their customers involved in the ice cream flavor choosing process. Each month they let customers send in requests for flavors, lots of which Mason’s Creamery eventually makes (think Sriracha Peach ice cream & Chocolate Ginger).

Mason's Creamery Egg Waffle Ice Cream

During the summertime, Mason’s Creamery also offers fun movie nights in their backyard. Just bring a blanket, grab some ice cream, & watch as they show classic movies on their large projector. What more could you want on a summer night?!

Mason's Creamery Churro Ice Cream

Make sure to check out Mason’s Creamery at 4401 Bridge Ave, Cleveland, Ohio.

*Food C/O Mason’s Creamery.