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Parlor Pizza

Parlor Pizza has long been one of our favorite dinner spots. A massive patio & rooftop for summer nights, a full wrap around bar for happy hours, & tons of TVs inside for watching all of our favorite sporting events. Yet we recently realized just how much we love this place for brunch too. The same amenities except now you can enjoy brunch along with your favorite pizzas! Our eyes were obviously initially drawn to the “Sweet Retreat” section on the menu including Banana & Peanut Butter French Toast as well as our new favorite brunch item, Birthday Cake Waffles. Three layers of cake batter waffles topped with vanilla bean ice cream, whipped cream, caramel sauce, maple syrup, & of course, sprinkles. An easy excuse to have dessert for breakfast & to celebrate your birthday every weekend, what could be better?!

Birthday Cake Waffles

What’s great about Parlor Pizza is that each menu (Brunch, Lunch, & Dinner) features some of the same items yet they also leave some exclusively for different meals. As if we needed a reason to go back for every meal of the day… When we’re there for dinner however, we always like to start with some of their infamous Craziest Bread. Garlic, mozzarella, shallots, scallion cream, parmesan, pepperoni, cherry peppers, & sesame seeds all stuffed into warm bread & served with marinara for dipping. Once you order this app. there’s a good chance you’ll never want “starter” bread at any other restaurant.

Chicago Pizza Restaurant

Our two go-to menu items have always been & will always be: Save The Last Ranch & Sgt. Pepper pizzas. Sure, we’re down to try some others, but we always need to have those two, they’re that good. The Save The Last Ranch pizza which some might argue is healthy 😉 features roasted broclinni, shaved garlic, chili flakes, manchego cheese, fontina cheese, & a black truffle ranch sauce that is out of this world. Seriously, once you try this you’ll wonder why all ranch isn’t made with truffle. The Sgt. Pepper pizza, which we get with spicy San Marzano sauce, is made with mozzarella di bufala, Molinari pepperoni, & white truffle oil (are you sensing a theme here…?!). A more classic style pizza that is anything but basic. Each bite is bursting with multiple complimentary flavors that always leaves us wanting more.

Parlor Pizza Chicago

Make sure to check out Parlor Pizza at 108 N. Green St., Chicago, IL.

Chicago Parlor Pizza

*Food C/O Parlor Pizza.


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