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Lavender Lotion Beessential

We were immediately intrigued by Beessential’s tagline “Essential Body Care for People that Care” as skincare & beauty products have always been something we’ve cared greatly about. Too many products either harm animals in the process or have shown long-term negative effects on the human body after constant wear. So with products such as lip balm, soap, body wash, lotion, i.e. things we wear every day, we want to make sure they’re beneficial not only to us using them but those making them. In this case those making the Beessential products are bees & a family.

Lip Balms Beessential

 After one day of using all 5 Beessential cruelty-free products (hand & body cream, lip balm, hand soap, body wash, bar soap) we were hooked. Aside from the gentle feel of all products, the scents were incredible & all products left our skin & lips feeling exactly how they should feel: hydrated & soft.

Beessential Lavender Soap

So how & why exactly is this stuff so great to be using? For starters, their products are certified 100% natural which means they’re made with ingredients that are fresh and good for you. Plus all of the ingredients & the assembling take place right here in the beautiful USA. In fact, Beessential started out as a mom & pop operation, with one single hive, & they’re proud to say they haven’t changed much since then as their products are still made in small handcrafted batches. You gotta hand it to these guys (& gals), this company truly is something to be proud of.

Cruelty Free Natural Body Care Products

After just a few days (4 to be exact) of using the Beessential Lavender with Bergamot Moisturizing Body Wash we were stunned by the results. Our skin had never felt more revitalized & hydrated, plus is was beyond soft (we’re talkin’ baby skin soft…).

Lime And Coconut Lip Balm

The lip balms come in fun flavors such as Lime & Coconut, Orange & Ginger, Rose & Mint (our personal favorite), Lemon & Lavender, & the classic, Honey Balm. We recommend purchasing a four-pack to divide amongst your desk, home, car, & purse.

Lavender Natural Body Cream

The Original Honey Hand & Body Cream, oh man where do we even begin with this product. Formaldehyde, Paraben, & PEG free is just the tip of the iceberg with this phenomenal product. The Relaxing Lavender with a touch of Bergamot scent instantly relaxed us throughout the day & night. The smoothing natural formula moisturized deeper than most lotions can achieve leaving our skin feeling hydrated for the entire day. Much like the Relaxing Lavender & Honey Bee Calm & Carry On (how cute is that name!) Bar Soap, the cream is great for dry skin which is a huge issue come this time of year. Last but certainly not least we tried out the Lavender with Bergamot Foaming Moisturizing Hand Soap which was a hit throughout the entire office. Since we spend quite a bit of time baking in the kitchen we’re constantly washing our hands to make sure our food is clean & germ-free which can leave our hands cracking from being so dry. After one week of consistently using this Hand Soap we were pleasantly surprised with how incredibly soft our hands were throughout multiple washes in a short period of time.

 Beessential Lip Balm

We cannot wait to incorporate more Beessential products into our everyday routine such as hair care products & candles, even gift packages for upcoming celebrations! With any $30 purchase on Beessential you receive free shipping PLUS with each purchase a percentage is donated to Sweet Year. What more could you ask for out of body care products? We’re completely obsessed with Beessential & know you will be too!

Shop Beessential: lavender hand & body cream | peppermint & tea tree volumizing shampoo | energizing green tea gift basket | grapefruit & lemongrass foaming soap

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    • Caitlin says

      They’re the perfect products to incorporate into your everyday routine, Victoria!! You can shop them via links above! xo

  1. Ali says

    As a vegan I was very excited to read this post today. These products sound awesome and I am going to order them! Thank you for letting me know about this.