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Meli Cafe Chicago

Brunch in Chicago is a pretty big deal. Scratch that, any meal in Chicago is a huge deal. So when you find a restaurant that serves incredible meals for breakfast, brunch, lunch, & dinner why bother going elsewhere? That’s why most of our weekends are spent enjoying the delicious food at Meli Cafe in Chicago. With three locations conveniently spread across the city, Meli Cafe is a must visit for tourists & locals alike. Not to mention if you’re looking for some serious #BrunchGoals photos you should probably follow them on Instagram asap. Their menu is a mix of classic & creative items some of which are infused together. Take for instance the Flat Belly smoothie we ordered (see above) that mixes a together apples, blueberries, banana, & all-natural frozen yogurt with iced tea as the base instead of water as most would use. This ingredient upgrade adds loads of flavor to the smoothie making it a must order on our list.

Best Brunch Chicago

There’s nothing we love more than a delicious meal that’s equally as beautiful which is totally the case with this Banana Bread French Toast. Meli Cafe bakes their own honey sweetened Challah bread that’s dipped in a vanilla bean custard & topped with whipped cream. In this case the bread is banana bread topped with bananas, pecans, & caramel.

Best Lunch Chicago

One item we order every. single. time. we visit Meli Cafe is the Chipotle Chicken Wrap which consists of grilled chicken, avocado, lettuce, tomato, pepper jack & chipotle aioli all wrapped in a thin flatbread. Given that this is a relatively healthy option you’d be shocked to taste how flavorful & filling this wrap truly is. We’re not kidding when we say if you live or visit Chicago, you must get this wrap.

Meli Cafe

No brunch is complete without pancakes & Meli’s pancakes are truly something to write home about. We opted for the granola infused batter, topped with berries, house made granola, yogurt, & honey. These are some of the fluffiest pancakes we’ve ever tasted & you can be sure we’ll order them again & again.

*Make sure to check out Meli Cafe’s three locations: here. Follow them on Twitter: here.

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    Meli Cafe sounds amazing and by the look of your photos, I can say that the food looks quite amazing, too! I love a great brunch that’s reasonably price, concise, yet different in their presentation and menu selection, all of which can be quite hard to execute and provide, but this place seems to deliver! Thanks so much for sharing, I’ll have to keep it in mind whenever I visit Chicago; can you believe I’ve never been?! Have a great week, girlie!