Where To Eat: Warm Belly Bakery

warm belly bakery Chicago cookies

Have you ever walked into a place & knew instantly you were going to love it there? Whether that place be a store, restaurant, theater, or in this cake one of the best cookie shops ever. Immediately upon stepping into Warm Belly Bakery, we knew we were in for a treat. In fact, before even walking through the doors we knew this place would be good. Anywhere that has doggy treats on their sidewalk (hello chance to play with cute dogs!) & a pickup window to avoid lines or grab cookies while you’re on-the-go is a place we love. With a great taste in our mouths already just from the outside we headed into Warm Belly Bakery, a cookie shop decorated with a cookie & Chicago theme created by local artists, to actually taste some incredible treats.


Aside from the adorable decor, once we glanced at the cookies we were in awe. Cookies as tall as they were wide? Yes please! With over 40 options of cookies changing on a daily basis we knew we weren’t just getting one cookie & going on our way. No people, this was going to be a taste as many as you can kind of day & we felt unbelievable about it after.

chicago best bakery

The first cookie we tried was the Peanut Butter & Jelly (pictured above). Peanut butter dough filled with warm jelly this is one cookie not to miss. Easily one of our favorites we couldn’t get over this nostalgic cookie loaded with flavor.

chicago best cookies

Next up we tried a Girls Scout inspired chocolate coconut, blueberry lemon white chocolate (a seriously refreshing combo.), birthday cake (topped with tons of frosting & sprinkles), & a Momofuku inspired cereal cookie (stuffed & topped with Fruity Pebbles). Several cookies later we were feeling good & truthfully only wanting more. Each cookie has a solid exterior yet upon biting in it’s like biting straight into cookie dough wrapped in a cookie. Not to mention all the delicious toppings & add-ons.

warm belly bakery Chicago cookies

All of these cookies & their incredible recipes are a result of founder Joe unable to find a cookie he genuinely enjoyed. Sure there are more cookies out there than we can possibly dream of but what about some crazy combination of flavors that actually works? What about a classic cookie that’s loaded with flavor? Joe wanted to create them all & he sure did. With tons of options to choose from & other items (coffee, ice cream, etc.) from your favorite Chicago companies, Warm Belly Bakery is one spot in Chicago that’s not to be missed!

Make sure to visit Warm Belly Bakery at 1148 W. Monroe St., Chicago or order online: here!

*Food C/O Warm Belly Bakery.