Where To Eat: West Town Bakery


There are few places where you can find old school charm mixed with innovative decor. Few places you can indulge in a homemade pop-tart while simultaneously diving into a doughssant. Places where you can eat both breakfast, lunch, dinner, AND dessert. Places that cater to allergies & dietary restrictions while still offering a variety of options. However, West Town Bakery, located in Chicago, is one of those places where you can find all of the above.


Our #1 go-to item at West Town Bakery that we think most who have eaten there will agree upon are their Cake Balls. With over 12 flavors to choose from, these Cake Balls are made from a mixture of recycled cake scraps & their famous frostings. Our absolute favorite flavors include the triple chocolate, chocolate mint, & french toast because you know there’s nothing we love more than a successful food hybrid.


Speaking of hybrids, West Town Bakery created one of their own: the Doughssant. A cross between a croissant & a doughnut this is one treat you do not want to miss. Available in a wide variety of flavors, Doughssants are made from fried layers of croissant dough which then gets baked into a long doughnut shape, filled with cream, & topped with extra goodies. See, definitely don’t want to pass that up!


If you’re more old school & prefer to order something you know you’ll love, don’t fret, West Town Bakery has you covered. Recently they developed their own recipe for homemade toaster pastries. Filled with jam & topped with delicious icing, you’d be surprised to find that these treats are in fact vegan!


While all these treats are incredibly tasty sometimes you just want something more savory (or if you’re like us, you want it all!) which is where this pretzel bowl pizza comes into play. Yes you read that right, a pretzel bowl stuffed with tomato sauce, cheese, & pepperoni. Perfect for an easy lunch or a snack on-the-go this salty & savory meal is one of our new favorite dishes in Chicago.


Make sure to check out West Town Bakery at 1916 W. Chicago Ave. & 15 E. Ohio St., Chicago!

*Food C/O West Town Bakery.