3 Quick & Easy Bow Hairstyles Tutorial

3 quick and easy bow hairstyles tutorial

We often times catch ourselves wearing the same 3 hairstyles over & over again. But when they look good, take less than 5 minutes to do, & are super easy–why not! Over the summer we were constantly wearing these three styles & this winter we know these three will be on repeat. Heck, they already are! Two of them involve bows made from ribbon while one is a bow made from your own hair. Don’t be intimidated by any of them, if we can do ’em so can you. Bow hairstyles are perfect this time of year as they add a bit of elegance to any outfit. Since our calendars seem to be jammed packed with holiday parties, gift exchanges, dinners, & more, these three looks are an easy way to make an outfit look entirely pulled together & super pretty! Here’s how to create these three looks:

3 quick and easy bow hairstyles tutorial

High Ponytail Bow Hairstyle

1. Flip head upside down & collect all hair at the crown of  your head (for a neater look, brush through hair). Secure ponytail tightly with hair elastic. Place ribbon underneath ponytail & tie tightly around the pony in a bow.

velvet ponytailhow to create the half up hair bow ponytail

Half Up Hair Bow Hairstyle

1. Take one small section of hair from each side of the front of your head & pull towards the back.

2. Using a small elastic, tie the two pieces together to create a half ponytail. On the last time of putting the hair through the elastic, only pull it through halfway to create a mini loop.

3. Split the loop in half. Let one loop hang while you push the other flat against your head. The openings of the loop should be facing up/down. Place a bobby pin through the inside of the loop from the bottom towards up securing the loop to your head. Repeat to the other side. Add additional bobby pins if needed.

4. Take the remaining hair that is hanging down from the original loop & flip it through the elastic to cover it.

how to do a hair bowhow to create the perfect low ponytail

Low Ponytail Bow Hairstyle

1. Pull hair towards the lower bottom portion of your head, pulling it behind your ears. Place small elastic around the hair. Pull hair gently around the top of the elastic to give hair a teased, looser look.

2. Wrap ribbon around elastic & secure in a bow.

how to create the perfect ponytail



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