Holiday Kitchen Essentials

The holiday season is one of our favorite times of the year for several reasons. The baking, gift giving (& receiving, duh), time with friends & family, & so much more about this season brings us such happiness. Two things that don’t bring us happiness? The stress of finding a gift for that person who seems to have everything & cleaning up the kitchen after a long night of baking, cooking, & entertaining. We can hear you all chiming in that you feel the same way as these are two extremely common stresses during the holiday season. That’s why we rounded up 8 kitchen essentials that will help making cooking & the clean up process a breeze as well as the perfect gifts for that person who is extremely difficult to buy for. After all, everyone always needs kitchen supplies & these staples are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

The Best Kitchen Essentials

1. Measuring Cups: We’re not sure how you could get through the holiday season, or any baking task for that matter, without these bad boys. While they are a staple in most’s kitchen, these pastel ones are a perfect gift as they’re super easy to store with their concise design & stackability.

2. Jars: These gorgeous jars are perfect to store flour, sugar, cereal, or other items that come in non-resealable bags. They’ll extend the life of those products while giving an organized look to your counter or pantry. As for gifting, we recommend filling them with candy, cookies, or even ingredients for a cookie mix with a recipe tag tied around the jar!

3. Silverware: Yes, it’s another kitchen staple that we assume most have by now, however this copper pair is beyond stunning & are made to last.

4. Parchment Paper: Once you discover parchment paper, you’ll never bake the same way again. As many confuse it with wax paper or other kitchen products, parchment paper is your go-to for cooking or baking anything & not having it stick to a surface. Think of it as a baking spray without the added chemicals & calories! How do you gift this one? We love the idea of giving parchment paper along with cookie dough & a baking tray (see #7) for the ultimate holiday baking gift!

5. Cake Stand: A beautiful cake stand such as this marble one is the perfect way to display holiday baked goods. Cake stands always make for a great hostess gift as one can never have too many. Bonus points if you gift the stand with a homemade cake on it!

6. Mixer: Not only are these mixers completely gorgeous, they also make baking & cooking WAY easier! These mixers come with several different attachments to assist you in creating any dish you’d like, properly. Think kneading pizza dough, whipped egg whites, & several other parts that on your own would take much longer & much more work. As for the gift part, we feel these are self-explanatory.

7. Cookie Tray: Cookie trays serve multiple purposes in the kitchen aside from just baking cookies (although that is one of our favorite ways to use them). Use them to serve dishes at a party, bake a pizza on them, serve drinks on them to avoid rings, & so much more. They’re completely essential to any kitchen & this non-stick gold one will make for a thoughtful gift.

8. Blender: While we consider a blender a kitchen essential, it’s one that most might not already have. At least not this high quality of one. However when blending foods it’s important to have one that’s truly going to get the job done. It can alter recipes completely & no one wants their hard work on a recipe to go to waste just because one kitchen tool couldn’t do it’s job! Plus this pretty pink one (comes in a variety of colors) looks great on a countertop & is super easy to clean. Win-win!

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