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Unlike many Chicago restaurants, Doughnut Vault isn’t located on a street surrounded by other food hot spots. It’s doesn’t have a neon sign of it’s name out front. And it always has a line out the door. This hidden gem can easily be spotted by that last little tidbit of information. Serving doughnuts until they sell out, you’re guaranteed only the freshest at Doughnut Vault. For being a hole in the wall, the decor is extraordinary with a chandelier, antique cash registers (display purposes only, obviously or that line out the door would be for a whole other reason), stunning mirrors that double as menus, all within their tiny space. Don’t worry though, for how small the location may be, their doughnuts make up for it with their massive size! This iconic doughnut shop also has a location in Chicago’s West Loop as well as a doughnut van that is constantly stationed in hot spots throughout Chicago!

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What to order at Doughnut Vault… You want our honest opinion? One. Of. Everything. Their prices are a steal & the doughnuts phenomenal, so why not! Of course, if you’re looking for one to grab on-the-go we’d say stick to a classic vanilla glazed or their buttermilk old-fashioned which is out of this world good.

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Doughnut Vault also carries a variety of seasonal items that of course, change from season to season. This fall choose from some of their incredible specialties such as jelly filled, gingerbread stack, & apple fritter.

 Best Donuts In Chicago

It’s no surprise this doughnut shop is as terrific as it is when you learn who is behind the spot: none other than the highly acclaimed Chicago restaurant group, Hogsalt. They bring the finest ingredients, baking techniques, & classic doughnut making skills together to give you some of the best doughnuts you may ever taste. As we said earlier, you truly can’t go wrong with anything on their menu.

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Make sure to check out Doughnut Vault in Chicago at one of their locations: here!

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