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  Milwaukee Pizza Man

When you’re in the state most famous for cheese, there are two main dishes you must eat: pizza & cheesecake. Why you ask? Well technically you should also eat blocks & blocks of cheese but that isn’t considered a “meal”. When you’re out to eat, we definitely suggest you get two dishes that are essentially made of cheese, hence the pizza & cheesecake. So when we found a place that came highly recommended & had both on the menu we knew we were in good hands. Pizza Man, which has two locations in Milwaukee, is a must visit when you’re in town. From their world famous pizzas to their seasonal cheesecake, & ok ok, get a salad too (they’re actually really good) you seriously can’t go wrong at this place.

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We skipped an appetizer this time & went straight for pizza. Hey, you can’t blame us for having our priorities straight! First up was the Topher which consists of: a classic base, sausage, pickled banana peppers, & cream cheese. Truly one of the best pizzas we’ve ever had–definitely order this one.

Milwaukee Pizza Man

Our second dish was the Apple & Gorgonzola salad filled with arugula, radicchio, walnuts, roasted grapes, aged balsamic, & olive oil. This salad was beyond refreshing & equally filling, a combination that’s truly difficult to find.

Pizza Man Restaurant

Of course we could’t get just one pizza at Pizza Man! So next up we got the Artichoke A La Mode which had a classic base, artichoke, tomato, basil, & cream cheese. This unique combination of flavors perfectly complimented one another & we’re takin’ a hint from Pizza Man & topping all of our pizzas with cream cheese from here on out. Trust us, it’s life changing.

Best Cheesecake In Milwaukee

Last but certainly not least was the cheesecake which was complete with an orange glaze & pistachios. This creamy dessert with it’s perfectly crispy crust was out of this world. They change up the cheesecakes here seasonally so hurry & snag this one while you still can! Although we’re fairly certain they’ll all be just as good…

Make sure to check out Pizza Man in Milwaukee: here.

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*Food C/O Pizza Man.