3 Quick & Easy Healthy Holiday Appetizer Recipes + VIDEO

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3 easy and delicious healthy appetizer recipes

The holiday season has arrived! Will your next few weeks be full of celebrations? Whether you have a booked schedule of holiday parties or are tempted to stay inside, watch movies & indulge in sweet treats, we want to make sure you have some helpful tips to follow in order to have fun, but limit the holiday weight gain, sustain good energy and manage stress during the holidays:

1. Eat a healthy snack before you go to a party

Sliced chicken or turkey & 1/2 avocado, carrot sticks & black bean or hummus dip, bowl of soup, energy bites or a handful of nuts are all great options. Filling up on protein & healthy fat keeps you from arriving at the party famished, setting you up to make smarter decisions and have better self-control.

2. Drink large glasses of water in between cocktails

Drinking water not only prevents dehydration & overeating, but also enables you to be more mindful about your food & drink decisions.

veggie tray with pepper dip cups

3. The 1-plate rule

Eat one plate of everything your heart desires & then stick to veggies & dips for the rest of the night. Despite how limiting this may initially feel, it will get easier every time & your energy levels (& jeans) will thank you.

4. Bring a veggie based appetizer as your contribution to the party

This way you’re guaranteed to have a healthy option at the party! Sweet potato avocado toast, cucumber bites, & a hummus stuffed pepper with veggies are super cute, simple, delicious options to bring with you. Check out our video below for a super easy tutorial of the recipes!

mediterranean cucumber bites

5. Continue going to the gym

I know it’s cold & you just want to cuddle up in blankets, but getting to the gym is a vehicle for sustaining your energy & keeping your metabolism MOVING. Already lost motivation? Get a buddy to go with you for accountability!

6. Eat as many nutrient rich foods as you can when you’re not at a holiday event

Your body craves what you give it most. If you can stick to an 80/20 rule (80% healthy vegetables, fats, & proteins, 20% “splurge food),” it makes it a lot easier to continue eating healthfully. Think colorful foods – all the colors of the rainbow.

sweet potato avocado toast bites

7. Live in the moment and practice gratitude

Holidays can be full of family, friends, pets, laughter, good food, drinks, gifts & time off (YAY!)… These things are not givens – they are privileges. In order to live in the moment & truly enjoy, we need to practice gratitude & give thanks for all of the positive things in our lives.

8. Do something for you (and ONLY YOU)

When’s the last time you did something just for you? A massage, spa manicure (not the super quick, in & out of the shop kind), took a yoga class, meditated, journaled or done something to honor yourself & your body. Take at least 15 minutes twice per week of the holiday season to do something just for you. It will impact your energy & attitude in so many ways. And those around you will notice too!


  1. michele lee says

    Great tips and awesome video. I will be making all of those healthy snacks this holiday and after!! Thanks!