Where To Eat: M Burger

Best Chicken Sandwich In Chicago

M Burger is our go-to for pretty much any occasion we can think of. It’s quick, easy, & always super delicious. Luckily for us Chicagoans, M Burger is conveniently popping up all over the city. With 6 locations, 16 dessert options, & a secret menu, it’s no wonder this is one of our favorite spots in the city. Yup, you read that right, a secret menu!! And we have all the details for you…

M Burger Chicago

First, let’s start with a classic: the M Burger. A single patty loaded with bacon, cheese, pickle, onion, & sauce, this is our #1 must order item at M Burger. However if you want to experience this place the right way we highly recommend ordering the cheese fries to go with it. Probably our favorite cheese fries in the city, these are topped with house-made cheese (duh) & pickled jalapeño giving them a little sweetness, spice, & all the flavor you could dream of.

M Burger Chicago Review

Another must have at M Burger is the Strawberry Shake. After all, what burger & fry experience is complete without a shake to wash it all down?! Shakes are available in chocolate, vanilla, & strawberry & they’re all equally delicious.

M Burger

The last two items on the menu that we absolutely LOVE from M Burger are the Crispy Chicken sandwich (hand breaded, buttermilk, pickle, tangy mayo) & the Chicago Double (cheese, grilled onions, pickles, mustard, two patties). As a local Chicago restaurant, the Chicago Double is essential. If you didn’t know, Chicagoans love two things: massive burgers & no ketchup. The M Burger Chicago Double really allows you to get a taste of a true Chicago experience.

M Burger Review

Now onto that secret menu! Prepare yourself people because it’s good. Really good. There are 17 items on the list & our goal is to try them all. We’re on a roll so far & one of our absolute favorites is the patty melt. Let’s be real, do you honestly need any more of a reason to order this bad boy other than the picture above?! Didn’t think so.

Make sure to check out M Burger’s locations: HERE.

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