Cushnie et Ochs with Papyrus

Papyrus Cafe NYFW

NYFW was such a rush. From shows to events, meetings & more, we cannot believe how quickly it went. During it all there was one particular moment that stood out to us as a time when we were truly in the moment. Papyrus, a sponsor of NYFW: The Shows for over 10 years now (!!), put together a Café for those attending shows to stop by, refresh, rehydrate, & send a note to whoever they’d like. We stopped by for some essential pick-me-up coffee & while there we filled out a complimentary card as well. This was such a nice way to break up the day, do something for someone you love, & reminisce on just how incredible the week you’re having is. With this being our very first full fashion week & with Valentine’s Day right around the corner it was the perfect opportunity to send some good ‘ole snail mail to our loved ones sharing about our week! Not to mention, they seriously have the cutest cards EVER. We’re talkin’ everything from 3D sushi cards to a collaboration with fashion designer Lela Rose. Each card is handcrafted (say whaaat!) & Papyrus had two unique options each day. Oh & did we mention the post office old school mailbox they had to send your cards in? Seriously the cutest!

Papyrus Cushnie et Ochs

After stopping by the Café (which would soon become our go-to place to hang out during NYFW) we headed into the Cushnie et Ochs show courtesy of our friends at Papyrus (<3 you!!). It was our first show of the season & MAN was it good. Actually, good doesn’t even begin to describe it. We were surrounded by the most influential people in the industry AND there was rock candy on everyone’s seat. We didn’t think it could get any better until the show actually started & blew our minds. Usually in a show the looks are either attainable (as in affordable & more basic) or far out yet total couture. This show was the perfect combination of the two as the clothes could easily be worn on a night out yet were still high fashion–something very difficult to master. The silhouettes were classic yet fresh, tasteful yet alluring, & we loved each one more than the next. After the show was over (did you know most only last about 15 minutes?!) we headed back out to the Papyrus Café to regroup & dream of everything we just saw.

Cushnie et Ochs NYFW

Now that our week has wrapped it’s time to get back to work. Throughout the week we met with so many different people, attended numerous shows, enjoyed tons of events, & so much more. Aka it’s time to write thank you notes. This little advice to always send a thank you note (card not email!) that we learned early on has made such a difference in our careers. A simple thank you note shows someone just how much you appreciate all they do for you & enjoyed taking the time to either meet or work with them. We sent probably 15+ cards this week but the best part was going shopping for them! Anyone else get totally lost inside Papyrus?! We could seriously spend days in there! Their handcrafted cards are truly works of art (we might have a few framed in our office…) & will instantly bring joy into the life of whoever receives it. After carefully selecting each card for each individual (i.e. this one for the woman who did our makeup–how perfect!) we headed back to the office to write them & reminisce on how amazing the week was. We cannot wait to head back to the shows & Café in September!

Papyrus at NYFWNYFW Papyrus CafePapyrus Lela Rose Collaboration

*Thank you Papyrus for sponsoring this post!