Where To Eat: Goddess And The Baker

Goddess And The Baker Chicago

As you can imagine, the rich marble countertops & pastel green machinery is just one of the many reasons we absolutely adore Goddess & The Baker. While many cities have quick, convenient spots to grab a bite to eat, none compare to that of Goddess & the Baker. Aside from stunning aesthetics, their extensive menu & delicious treats make it a great spot for both someone on the go or someone looking to enjoy a full meal. It’s quickly become Chicago’s go-to spot for when you want something fast yet delicious & made with better-for-you ingredients. Isn’t that after all what everyone wants now-a-days?!

Best Sandwich Shop In Chicago

Easily our favorite item on the menu is the Santa Monica sandwich made with turkey, swiss cheese, avocado, arugula, tomato, & lemon aioli. It’s beyond refreshing yet super filling at the same time which we find is hard to come by.

Goddess And The Grocer Chicago

If you’re looking for a heartier option the mac & cheese is a must! With options to add pulled pork, bbq brisket, or bacon, we cannot get enough of this baked mac & cheese that also comes with a side salad (it’s all about balance people!).

Best Pastries In Chicago

One of our favorite parts about Goddess & the Baker is that while itself is a local Chicago company, it always makes sure to support other Chicago comapines. You can find gems like Zarlengo’s gelato (our absolute favorite!!) & other Chicago specialties in their locations. We checked out their Wacker/LaSalle spot which is filled with tons of goodies & a huge menu. Not to mention their “Eat Now, Caffinate” neon light sign which is just one more reason this spot is a Instagrammers heaven (also let’s talk about that latte art…).

Sugarfina Chicago

If you’ve been following our site you know we’re big fans of Sugarfina candy which can sometimes be hard to find in Chicago which is why we were thrilled to see they have a huge selection at Goddess & the Baker. This milk chocolate bar with champagne gummy bears is one of the best we’ve ever had! P.S. if you’re ever in need of a gift but cannot figure out what to get someone, we strongly suggest throwing some of Goddess & the Baker’s goodies into a basket as they’re all so unique & delicious–who wouldn’t love that?!

Make sure to check out Goddess & the Baker’s locations: HERE.

*Food C/O Goddess & the Baker.