DIY Unicorn Easter Eggs Tutorial

DIY Unicorn Easter Eggs

We might be a little biased over here but we honestly think these are the cutest Easter eggs ever. The fact that you can make them in just 3 steps is the cherry on top! Plus, unlike the typical Easter egg activity of dying them colors, this DIY is totally mess-free. With a little gold paper & some pretty pastel flowers you can create these Unicorn Easter Eggs in under 5 minutes. They make the most perfect Easter decorations & would look super cute on an Easter tablescape. Feel free to use real or fake eggs to create this project. You can also add on little ears if you really feel like going to extra mile. To do so, we suggest cutting little triangles out of the leftover gold paper. Fold the bottom portion of the triangle over & glue that part to the egg so that the point sticks up. It’s seriously that simple!

Unicorn Eggs DIY

Here is how you can make these cute little DIY Unicorn Easter Eggs in just 3 simple steps:

DIY Easter Crafts

  What You’ll Need:

eggs | gold paper | Krazy Glue | mini flowers (can be fake or real) | permanent black marker | scissors

DIY Easter Egg Crafts

Step 1: Draw eyes onto the eggs with the permanent maker about 1/4 of the way from the top.

DIY Unicorn Crafts

Step 2: Cut the gold paper into 1×1 inch squares. Roll each square into a pointed cone & trim any excess, uneven paper at the bottom of the cone. Place glue on the bottom circumference & place onto the top of egg about 2cm above the eyes.

DIY Easter Unicorns

Step 3: Glue flowers onto the egg beginning with 1 in front of the cone, 1 on the side of the cone, & 3 behind the cone. This will be the unicorns mane.

DIY Unicorn Easter Eggs Tutorial

Unicorn Easter Eggs