Where To Eat: Cookie Dough Creations

Cookie Dough Creations Chicago

Located just outside Chicago is a little shop called Cookie Dough Creations. They serve ice cream, milkshakes, & of course, cookie dough. Ice cream can be served in a cone, milkshakes in a cup, but just how do you get the cookie dough? Well technically, however you’d like. On top of ice cream, in a cup or cone by itself, in the milkshake, sandwiched in between two cookies–the options are seemingly endless, as are the flavors. You can choose from cookie dough flavors such as chocolate chip, cake batter (which seriously tastes like you’re licking the bowl), turtle, cookies & cream, brown sugar, m&m, peanut butter, & fudge brownie (our personal favorite). All cookie dough is egg-free & totally safe to eat. As if it couldn’t get any better, Cookie Dough Creations also offers over 15 ice cream flavors to pair with your cookie dough. This place is seriously heaven.

where to get cookie dough in chicago

One of our must order items at Cookie Dough Creations is their cookie dough sandwich. We recommend getting the fudge brownie cookie dough in between two chocolate chip cookies. It’s basically the ultimate cookie lovers treat & we cannot get enough of it.

Chicago Cookie Dough Bar

Cookie dough & ice cream is pretty much the BEST combination ever. Cookie Dough Creations’ mint chocolate chip ice cream pairs perfectly with the chocolate chip cookie dough all on top of a cake cone. They also have awesome ice cream flavors such as cookie dough, birthday cake, & so many others.

cake batter cookie dough

Make sure to check out Cookie Dough Creations at 22 Chicago Ave, Naperville, IL.

cookie dough cookie sandwich

*Food C/O Cookie Dough Creations.