Red Wine Skincare

Vine Vera Pinot Noir ReviewWe’re about to blow your minds & tell you how you can enjoy some wine all. day. long. OK spoiler alert, we’re obviously not encouraging you drink all day but what we’ve found is even better than a glass of your favorite wine. Yup, we said it. As red wine lovers over here at PLSR we were super intrigued when we heard about a skincare company that uses red wine within their products. For the past 2 weeks we’ve been testing out these products & while we were eager to share about it earlier, we only felt it was fair to give these products a true test of time, which they passed with flying colors.

Wine Skincare

There are so many things we love about these Vine Vera products. First of all, they smell beyond incredible. Seriously, you don’t even need perfume because they’re so refreshing & leave your skin smelling amazing. Second, they truly helped to clear up our skin leaving it soft, smooth, & reducing a ton of redness (something we found pretty ironic since it’s made with red wine!). While Vine Vera products are an investment, what better cause to invest in than your own skin. We can already tell these products will help our skin in years to come by preventing natural damage & aging. We’ve been using the Pinot Noir collection which helps to keep skin looking young & fresh. Let us just say, not only does our skin look young & fresh but it truly feels that way too. There are 5 products within the Pinor Noir collection & over 9 other collections to choose from based on your specific skincare needs.

Vine Vera Pinot Noir Collection

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