10 Health Food Brands You Need To Know About


There’s a common misconception that health foods are gross. They’re expensive. They’re difficult to find. The list goes on & on. While yes, some are expensive, difficult to find, & absolutely repulsive, there are SO many options now-a-days that you won’t even believe are “health foods“. We’ve rounded up our favorite 10 brands that specialize in creating health foods that are not only good for you but taste delicious. To make things super easy for you, each brand below is linked to their shopping page so you can easily purchase these products. Plussss there are even a few promo codes thrown in there for ya!

Salad Power Juices

Salad Power: When we think healthy foods our minds immediately drift to salads & green juice. Imagine our surprise when we found Salad Power, a brand that creates a product that ultimately combines the two. Here’s the thing though, Salad Power puts veggies first to create a delicious juice that eliminates majority of the sugar commonly found in green juices. Healthy, delicious, & beyond convenient, these juices are one of our favorites to grab for an on-the-go healthy meal or snack.

Daily Harvest Smoothie & Soup

Daily Harvest: If you’re a fan of smoothies & soups, Daily Harvest is the company for you. They create some of the most delicious smoothies & soups we’ve ever tasted that are super healthy, incredibly convenient, & take only a few minutes to make. For the smoothies, all you have to do is add a liquid of your choice (i.e. almond milk, water, etc.), blend, & you’re good to go! With the soups, you just add water, heat up, & enjoy! Trust us when we say you’ll never realize these awesome products are actually good for you.

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NuCoconut oil

NuCo: NuCo is the brand your kitchen should be stocked with. They make healthy kitchen essentials such as organic coconut cider vinegar & coconut vegan mayo that make healthy eating a breeze. Their organic coconut wraps taste just as good with some protein & veggies for a wrap as they do on their own for a snack!

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Nib More Chocolate

NibMor: We don’t think we’ll ever be able to totally eliminate our sweet tooth cravings, nor do we want to! That’s where NibMor comes to save the day with their all natural, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, & fair-trade products all which taste out of this world good. With over 15 products to choose from, these products will help keep your nutrition on track while still indulging in a tasty treat.

Vital Proteins Smoothie

Vital Proteins: One of our favorite things to add to basically everything (smoothies, water, etc.) is Vital Proteins collagen which adds incredible nutritional value while not altering the taste. Collagen is the basic building block of skin, hair, nails, bones, & joints which over the years most humans have unknowingly obtained less of through their diets. These simple packets (that are also available in canister form) allow you to add collagen back into your diet without even tasting it. However if you are looking for some extra flavor in your foods or drinks, they come in a coconut vanilla flavor!

Kite Hill vegan cream cheese

Kite Hill: Ah, cheese. Who would ever want to eliminate that from their diet?! Certainly not us. Thankfully, Kite Hill specializes in creating cheese-type products that taste just as, if not, better than the real stuff. We’re huge fans of their chive cream cheese style spread that is made from artisan almond milk & is completely dairy-free.

Primal Kitchens Salad Dressing

Primal Kitchen: We’re totally obsessed with Primal Kitchen products, especially their dressings made with avocado oil. You would never know that these dressings are a better-for-you alternative. The caesar & green goddess dressings are soy, canola, sugar, & dairy-free while the ranch dressing is sugar, soy, & canola-free plus paleo approved which is nearly unheard of for a ranch dressing… You’ll thank yourself for having these products on hand to enhance your healthy meals without it being at the expense of flavor.

Skinny Souping Soups

Skinny Souping: We honestly don’t know what’s better about these soups, the ingredient list which is all super clean, or the fact that they’re seriously the best soups we’ve ever had. To make it even better, by purchasing Skinny Souping you’re supporting a small, woman-run business. Hello, perfect product!

Hail Merry Chocolates

Hail Merry: If your a lover of all things candy, pies, & cookies then you must know about Hail Merry. This incredible company creates delicious cups, bites, & tarts that you would never believe are gluten-free, kosher, non-GMO, & vegan. Their chocolate almond butter cups & chocolate chip cookie dough bites are two of our favorite products on the market.

Philosophie Butter

Philosophie: One thing we love so much about this brand is they have products we didn’t even know existed. Think, coconut butter, cacao bee honey, & superfood protein blends that you can add to pretty much anything you’d like. With a variety of flavors & products, Philosophie ensures healthy eating is not only delicious & nutritious, but exciting, fun, & informative.