Chicago Bucket List

Stop And Smell The Rosé Doormat

Ah! I cannot believe it’s just about 3 weeks until I move to LA. There are SO many things I’m going to miss about Chicago, I don’t even know where to begin. After living here for nearly 4 years I’ve tried some of the most incredible restaurants, explored nearly every neighborhood, shopped at tons of local boutiques, the list goes on & on. While I’m pretty impressed with how much I was able to do in my time here, there’s inevitably still so much more to do starting with…

1. Try out just a few more restaurants… I’ve been to over 100 restaurants in the city but some I’ve been dying to try are: Belly Shack, Twin Anchors, Fat Rice, Homeslice, Parachute, Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder, & The Purple Pig. Basically a new place for the remainder of my time here…

2. Go on a boat! Chicago summers are truly somethin’ else. As they should be since we wait nearly 10 months for 2 enjoyable ones.

3. Go on the new ferris wheel at Navy Pier. Cliche, I know but I really love it there!

4. Go to a rooftop Cub’s game. Because they’re typically all you can eat, drink, & did I mention they’re rooftop seats!

5. Take a helicopter ride over the city. This one might be a bit far fetched but what better way to reminisce on the place I’ve called home for the past 3 years than taking it all in from above.

6. Spend as MUCH time as possible with my friends. Self-explanatory.

P.S. you can shop that cute doormat (for under $50!) HERE.