Where To Eat: Bondi Harvest

Rainbow Bowl Bondi Harvest

Checking out new restaurants is more than just deciding if they have good food or not. It’s about the atmosphere, service, food presentation, cleanliness, & if we’re being totally honest, Instagram-ability (did I just make that up…?). Very few can knock all those categories out of the park but recently I visited Bondi Harvest in Santa Monica & let’s just say it’s my new favorite place. It’s basically a trip to Australia without the price tag & 19 hour flight. Their food is healthy yet satisfying, the atmosphere is laid-back yet picturesque, & they’re service was a 10/10. Below are a few of my must-haves while visiting Bondi Harvest although I’ve been back a few times since, switching up my order each time, & I do have to say, you really can’t go wrong with anything on this menu.

The Best Avocado Toast In Los Angeles

Avocado Toast: I know what you’re thinking, it’s LA, everywhere has avocado toast & it’s good at all those places. Trust me, I totally hear ya. Trust me once more & try this avocado toast for yourself; you’ll see why it’s arguably the BEST in all of LA.

Breakfast Burrito Santa Monica

Breakfast Burrito: Probably the only thing on this menu that I can’t argue as necessarily “healthy”. However it’s worth every single calorie. I mean just look at that cheese drip… “Healthy” doesn’t truly concern me with this dish however as Bondi Harvest sources seasonal & sustainable ingredients giving them a leg up anyway.

Chicken Sandwich Los Angeles

Chicken Sandwich: Basically my dream sandwich, this one included coconut milk marinated roast chicken, aioli, salsa verde, & slaw all on a ciabatta roll.

Rainbow Bowl: While it’s loaded with nutrients, you’ll totally forget you’re eating healthy due to the incredible flavor.

Make sure to visit Bondi Harvest at 1814 Berkeley St, Santa Monica, CA 90404.

*Food C/O Bondi Harvest.