What’s In My Fridge

A few weeks ago I shared what I keep in my pantry as a food blogger & the response was so terrific I decided to share what I keep in my fridge as well. Below is a list of all the best brands, products, & everything I always make sure to have on hand. The list includes items for baking, cooking, snacking, eating, healthy, unhealthy, & more!

What A Food Blogger Keeps In Her Fridge

For Cooking I Always Have:

Miyoko’s Creamery vegan cheese

Soom Foods tahini

The Honest Stand dips


Bread Srsly gluten-free sourdough

For Baking I Always Have:


For Snacking I Always Have:


Pressed Juicery juices

Brekki Overnight Oats

Health-ade Kombucha

Shayna’s Sweet Garden Bites

Surya Spa Bread

Castle Rock Sparkling & Flat Water

Pressed Juicery Review

Shop My Favorite Brands:

Pressed Juicery | Soom | Miyoko’s Creamery | Brekki | Shayna’s Sweet Garden | Surya Spa | The Honest Stand | Castle Rock | Health-ade | Bread Srsly

What's In My Fridge

How To Stay Organized:

Keeping a fridge organized can be somewhat tricky but what I’ve found works best for me is to make sure each brand or product can be seen. If you keep everything visible then nothing is blocked & you’re able to always gauge what you have in stock, what you need more of, & what you should be eating/drinking. Another trick I like to do is to keep all my veggies & fruits in baskets, containers, & net bags. This way they don’t roll around & aren’t sitting in plastic drawers or containers.